Woman Dies During Cosmetic Surgery in Spain

Silvia Idalia Serrano underwent a triple cosmetic surgery that ended up being her worst nightmare. The 34-year-old Spanish woman decided to take the risk but had post-op complications that sent her to the emergency room. She remained in a coma for three months before her body gave out.

Patients are always carefully monitored after procedures. In addition, before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, they are urged to review the records and results of doctors they are considering. Unfortunately, it is very common to have a bad reaction to the treatment.

Local media reported the death of Silvia Idalia Serrano, a 34-year-old woman who underwent a triple cosmetic surgery at the end of April. She developed a serious condition that prompted doctors to put her in an induced coma. According to initial reports, Silvia Idalia underwent cosmetic surgery and soon ended up in the hospital after suffering severe pain.

It appeared she developed an infection after the surgery and her condition when she was admitted to the Hospital de La Paz, in Madrid, Spain, was delicate. At that time, the doctors decided to put her into an induced coma, El Mundo reported.

Before she died, Silvia Idalia had told the doctors who performed her surgery that she was “feeling badly” but they were not responsive. Shortly after the triple surgery, which involved a breast reduction, abdominal liposuction and gluteal lipotransfer, the young woman said that she was in severe pain and even that the IV suppling the drugs was clogged, according to Antena 3.

Now, after three months in a coma in serious condition, it was reported that the young woman had died from the severe medical issues caused by the triple cosmetic operation. Silvia Idalia fought for her life and her family believes her death was due to medical malpractice.

When the young woman declared that she was feeling bad after the surgery, the doctors at the clinic where the procedure had been carried out said that those were the secondary effects of the surgery and did not properly monitor her discomfort. Seven days after the surgeries, she was diagnosed with a rare infection, according to reports.

For this reason, the family insisted that “malpractice” cost Silvia Idalia her life. The 34-year-old woman was suffering the consequences of the three surgeries and unfortunately, she did not survive after being put in an induced coma due to the serious infection she developed.

According to the local media, the doctors who treated Silvia Idalia initially diagnosed her with multi-organ dysfunction. This catastrophic diagnosis means that a person has a failure in more than one organ and therefore, must be treated as an emergency, according to reports. At that time, Silvia was put into an induced coma.

After almost three months in the coma, Silvia Idalia woke up and there was hope that she could recover. Unfortunately, the skin infection she developed proved to be lethal. 

The death of Silvia Idalia prompted the family to seek justice for the malpractice they say was committed by the clinic where the 34-year-old woman underwent cosmetic surgery. The family’s lawyer stated that they were asking for a rigorous investigation of the clinic and that they have met more victims of the doctors, so “they must pay for it.”

“More than ever, rigorous research must be carried out on the practices of the Ceme clinic. Not so much what happened in the operating room, but the postoperative process. We consider that there are too many coincidences with fatal consequences. There has to be an investigation and they have to pay for it,” the family’s lawyer declared.

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