Subway Feces Attacker is Scalded with Boiling Water at Rikers Island

The man accused of smashing his feces in a woman’s face at a Bronx subway station last winter was reportedly scalded with boiling water at Rikers Island and may be disfigured for life.

Frank Abrokwa was attacked by another detainee late last week and suffered burns to his face, the New York Post reported Monday.

Abrokwa is expected to “have scars for the rest of his life” following the attack at the Anna M. Kross Center, a jailhouse on the island.

Sources told the Post that Abrokwa “had a target on his back” at the jail, although it’s unclear exactly what led to the altercation.

“He didn’t deserve it but if anyone was going to get burned, he would be the first one in line,” a source said.

The detainee who attacked him, whose last name is “Burns,” was moved to a different housing area and is expected to face additional charges, on top of the felony assault charges he’s already in custody for.

Abrokwa was arrested in late February following the feces attack at the Wakefield–241st Street station on Feb. 21.

Police allege Abrokwa is the man seen on surveillance video defecating into a bag and then smearing his feces in the face and hair of a 43-year-old woman waiting for a train.

Abrokwa was released without bail in both the feces attack and in an anti-Jewish hate crime in Brooklyn from last September.

He was ultimately held on bail on March 21 after allegedly smashing a window of a Harlem storage facility with a dumbbell and threatening a worker there.

An additional five cases against him are pending, according to the Post.

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    1. Awesome story!! I love it!!
      Look at his eyes in the pictures…
      Low IQ all the way…..

    2. Great last name “Burns”. lol
      Can we see what abracadabra looks like now!!
      I heard you should spread human poop on serious burns to the face. Did they do that for abracadabra? lol

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