Woman Realizes Son is Still Alive During Funeral After Noticing Detail on Body

An AirBnB host on TikTok shared a bizarre story from one of her guests who mistakenly thought her son passed away.

Retelling the story to her followers, the host explained that she was checking in a guest who was in town for a celebration of life ceremony. Assuming the woman was referring to a funeral, she expressed her sympathies but soon learned the guest was quite literally celebrating a life.

The guest said that her son went for a night out in a new town when he turned 21. While in a bar, he noticed that he lost his phone and confronted the person behind him about it.

The person he accused of stealing his phone then punched him and knocked him against the bar top, leaving him unconscious.

Her son goes to the hospital while the person who stole his phone ran away. The thief then went to another bar and got into another confrontation, leading to him running from police. During the chase, he pulled out a gun and the officers shot him, causing him to hit his face on the curb before dying.

The mother tried to call her son in a panic, receiving no response.

“She’s calling her son, not picking up because he’s laying in a hospital unconscious,” the TikToker said. “Calling, calling, calling, not picking up. Guess who picks up finally? The coroner’s office.”

The coroner’s office asks her to identify the body, and she claims it is her son.

Both her son and his attacker shared the same hair color, skin color and general build, plus the face injuries made it difficult to tell them apart.

Three days later, the family holds a funeral for their son. At the funeral, the mother sees a tattoo on “her son’s” arm that she couldn’t see at the coroner’s office. She then realizes what happened. 

The body wasn’t her son — and her son was still alive.

“So she’s at the funeral, freaking out,” the TikToker said. “‘Not my son, not my son.’ Everyone’s like, “Oh my god, this mom’s freaking out because she is like oh my god my baby’s dead.’ No, no, no, she’s freaking out because she now just realizes that that’s not her son.”

One day after posting the original video, the TikToker posted a follow-up video with further details. She added that the son had his ID and credit cards in his wallet. The other man had no identification on him, which caused further confusion. 

The son’s friends also couldn’t spell his last name, which she described as “ethnic.” He also lacked any social media accounts, so people could not contact his friends or family. Additionally, he couldn’t call his mom because he couldn’t remember her phone number. 

The mother paid for the funeral and cremation even after she realized it wasn’t her son. It was a small price to pay knowing her son was still alive.

“I almost cried,” the TikToker said. “She said she would have paid for 100 funerals to have her son back.”

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  1. Cremate his ass. He’s the one that almost killed her son, or put him into the hospital anyway.

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