Man Who Broke his Neck After Being Shocked by Stun Gun is Awarded $100M

A federal jury in Atlanta has awarded $100 million to a panhandler who fell and broke his neck after a police officer shocked him with a stun gun during a foot chase, news agencies report.

Jerry Blasingame now needs round-the-clock care costing $1 million a year, and has $14 million in medical bills so far, attorney Ven Johnson told jurors.

Jurors found that Officer Jon Grubbs used unreasonable force against Blasingame, who was 65 years old and had been asking drivers for money on July 10, 2018. He was paralyzed from the neck down and is now 69 years old.

Jurors found that the Atlanta Police Department should pay $60 million and Grubbs should pay $40 million.

The city has filed a motion for a directed verdict. A ruling from a judge on that motion may amend the jury’s verdict.

Judge Steve Jones has not yet ruled on that request, online court records indicate. Jones ruled before deliberations began that jurors could reasonably find that Grubbs used excessive force, and that they could consider the city’s argument.

“The record would allow the jury to find that Mr. Blasingame had not been committing a serious crime before he was tased/ that Officer Grubbs did not fear for his safety/ and that the exigent circumstances were not otherwise so severe as to permit Officer Grubbs’s use of force,” Jones wrote Friday.

Blasingame’s conservator, Keith Edwards, sued the city of Atlanta and the officer, Jon Grubbs, for the cost of his past and future medical bills.

Johnson and civil rights attorney Craig Jones said Grubbs violated department policy by using a stun gun on an elderly man who was running away, the newspaper reported.

Edwards’ lawsuit said Blasingame was on the street and asking people for money when Grubbs and another officer arrived and saw him talking with a driver.

Grubbs stepped out of the patrol car and told Blasingame to stop, but he moved out of the street to a guard rail, and Grubbs ran toward him, according to the lawsuit.

“Grubbs gets out of the car and starts chasing my client — a 65-year-old man — and for what? For potentially asking people for money?” Johnson said.

Johnson said the city did not make a thorough enough investigation into Grubbs’ conduct and let him return to full duty six months after the incident and before the investigation was concluded.

“This is how an officer gets away with excessive force,” he told the jury in his closing argument. “You bury it.”

Staci J. Miller, one of the attorneys representing Atlanta and Grubbs, said Blasingame’s injuries were tragic, but city training and department policy were not to blame.

The City of Atlanta’s lawyers, who also represented Grubbs, were not available to comment on the verdict and a spokesperson for Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens declined to comment, the newspaper reported.

Grubbs joined the Atlanta Police Department as a cadet in December 2013, according to records of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. He became a full officer a year later and has served on the force since then.

He has no sanctions in his POST records and is listed as an officer in good standing by the state police certifying agency.

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Convicted Serial Killer Gets Married and Has Child in Prison

On August 30, 2005, Serhiy Tkach, one of the most brutal serial killers in Russia’s history, was apprehended. Tkach, a former Russian police officer, was accused of killing 37 women and girls in the Soviet Union through a 25-year reign of terror. After being arrested, Tkach admitted to having killed at least 100 women, all of whom were subjected to sick sexual abuse before and after they had died, according to reports.

In 2018, it was revealed through a Netflix documentary called ‘Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons’ that Tkach was father to a baby who he had with a pen pal 40 years younger than him, according to a report. Elena Bulkina spotted the jailed monster in a TV interview and was smitten by him. After Bulkina began writing him letters, he married her in 2015 when she was only 23 and he was 63.

Horrific Crimes

Tkach was fired from the Soviet Police in 1979 for fabricating evidence. He then relocated to Ukraine and started working as a police investigator in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in 1982. 1984 saw the start of a series of disappearances involving women and girls, some of whom were as young as eight. 

According to reports, he raped his victims before suffocating them and sexually defiling their corpses. Tkach was able to get away with the horrifying acts for so long because he utilized his understanding of criminal investigations to trick the police. He would, for instance, kill close to railroad tracks that had just been coated with tar to confuse the police dogs.

Over the years, other persons, including one who killed himself, were wrongfully imprisoned for some of his killings. When he boldly visited the burial of one of his victims, children there reportedly claimed to have seen him with the victim just before she passed away. Tkach was ultimately apprehended in 2005. He is alleged to have pleaded for the death penalty when first found guilty. Instead, he was given a life term in jail in Ukraine, where he passed away in November 2018. After getting married in 2015, Elena and Tkach were permitted romantic outings. In 2018, she said that neither she nor her husband’s actions ever caused her to worry for their safety.

Talking about her marriage and pregnancy, Bulkina said “I don’t feel guilty because I did not commit the crimes. Of course I’d not wish this on anyone and if it happened to my family I’d punish that person. But I didn’t do anything. I felt happiness when I ­realized I was pregnant. I wanted this baby and he wanted this baby but she was born in Russia and my parents and the officials won’t let me bring her to this country.”

Elizaveta, daughter of Tkach and Bulkina, was born in 2016. 

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Witnesses in South Carolina Report Multiple Bigfoot Encounters

Over the past two months, there have been two new reports of Bigfoot sightings in the woods of South Carolina.

The first Bigfoot sighting was reported by a forestry worker who works for Duke Energy. He manages the landscaping of powerline easements for the company.

According to Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigator Matthew Moneymaker, who spoke to the forester, he noticed a large oval bedding depression in the grass with a diameter wider than human height, as if something large is sleeping there regularly, with a noticeable foul odor.

“As he was walking back toward his work truck from the bedding depression spot he heard the first knocks (four rapid knocks) from the woods on the south side of the cut,” reads the report. “Shortly after that there were reply knocks coming from within the woods on the north side of the cut, opposite from where first knocks came from.”

The forester reported, “It didn’t sound mechanical but like wood on wood. Each time I heard one I would then hear another as if in response.”

The BFRO investigator reports, “There is a correlation between Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings and powerline cuts (easements). It is one of a few repeated patterns suggesting some favored travel routes.”

The forests in South Carolina are a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings

The more recent Bigfoot sighting took place near Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina and was reported by a retired forensic psychologist, his brother and sister.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022 my brother, sister, and I were visiting the Lighthouse at South Carolina’s Hunting Island State Park. We were leaving the Lighthouse parking lot at approximately 12:00 noon and driving along the exit road from the Lighthouse.

My brother was driving the vehicle, with me riding in the front passenger seat, and my sister being in the rear driver’s side seat. As we were rounding a slight curve on the exit road, we all spotted a creature walking quickly on the left side of the road approximately 15 to 20 feet in front of our car. The incident happened very quickly as the creature disappeared into the lush Palmetto & Pine forest ( jungle) that surrounds the exit road.

My brother stopped the car immediately and asked if we had seen what he saw. All three of us reported seeing the creature. We all saw the creature very clearly as it was walking directly in front of our car. The three of us recalled and reported the exact and identical descriptions.

The creature was walking upright, taking strides quickly to our left, and disappeared into the bush on the left side of the road directly in front of us. We only witnessed the lower torso of the creature as it’s head and shoulders were hidden behind a pine tree and a palmetto stump on the left side of the road. The height of the creature is estimated as being between 5 to 6 feet tall. Legs were approximately 3 feet long, human like jointed knee, with dark brown, splotchy black hair that was approximately 2 inches long. The incident happened quickly and lasted for only a few seconds as the creature disappeared quickly into the thick underbrush. There were no sounds or odors noticed by any of us.

He says they gave the Hunting Island State Park office a full, detailed report. The Park Superintendent told him he would take the report as a credible incident and initiate an investigation.

The witnesses have been coming to the park for vacations since the 1950s and “have never witnessed anything like this in the past.”

In July, a hunter shared his encounter with Bigfoot in the South Carolina woods on the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.

“He spun [while on all fours] to look my direction, and it’s going to sound weird, but I’m just telling you, he spun like a spider,” he reported. “He went hundred and eighty like immediately, which freaked me out and I flipped my safety off because it was crazy how fast this thing flipped around.”

Girl Shot and Killed While Filming TikTok in Colorado

Three people, including two juveniles, have been taken into custody in connection with the death of a 14-year-old girl who was shot and killed while filming TikTok videos.

According to the Monte Vista Police Department, on Aug. 7 at 3:30 p.m., officers responded to a shooting call on the 300 block of Monroe Street and found a juvenile female with gunshot wounds. EMS arrived at the scene and pronounced her dead.

On Aug. 11, Monte Vista Police announced detectives arrested two juvenile females for reckless manslaughter and possession of a handgun by juveniles. A 21-year-old male, Emiliano Vargas, was also taken into custody for secure firearm storage required and unlawfully providing or permitting a juvenile to possess a handgun. He reportedly own the gun that was used in the fatal shooting but was not present when it occurred.

According to the affidavit, police found the victim on the floor of a room “with blood and other fluid” coming out of her head. Officers then reportedly found a firearm in another bedroom, and the homeowner where the shooting occurred said one of the two juveniles likely put the gun in the other room after the shooting. Vargas reportedly lived at the home on Monroe Street with his grandmother and another juvenile.

The affidavit says one of the two responding officers “was advised that the juveniles were handling the gun and making videos on ‘TikTok.'”

One of the juveniles reportedly told officers they took the clip out of the gun and “it just happened.” The affidavit notes investigators did not find an exit wound in the body, so “the bullet remains in the skull of the victim.”

Vargas reportedly leaves his gun “visible and unlocked on a top shelf” and allegedly “routinely” lets one of the juveniles access it because he “trusts” them.

KUSA-TV identified the victim as 14-year-old Aaliyah Salazar. Her obituary says she “had just become a teenager and [was] so excited to start her freshman year in high school.”

Aaliyah was “the proud mommy of 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle, and some hamsters.” She had a passion for making TikTok videos, and her family “knew she was going to be famous one day.”

Some of Aaliyah’s family members told KUSA they believe the shooting “was on purpose.”

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is reportedly handling the case.

Man Charged with Fraud After Posing as New England Patriot Player and Selling Fake “Brady Family” Superbowl LI Rings

A New Jersey man who posed as a former New England Patriots player and purchased family versions of the team’s 2016 Super Bowl rings – one of which sold at auction for more than $337,000 – has been charged with several counts of fraud, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Scott Spina, 24, purchased three Superbowl LI rings made for players’ friends and family and had them engraved with the name “Brady,” falsely claiming that the rings were given to Tom Brady’s nephews, officials said.

According to court documents, Spina’s scheme began in 2017 after he bought a Super Bowl ring from a former Patriots player, whom he bilked with at least one bad check before selling the ring for $63,000 to a well-known sports memorabilia broker in Orange County, California.

Upon purchasing the ring, Spina learned that former players can purchase Super Bowl rings for family and friends that are smaller than the player rings.

“Spina then called the Ring Company, fraudulently identified himself as [the former player], and started ordering three family and friend Super Bowl LI rings with the name ‘Brady’ engraved on each one, which he falsely represented were gifts for the baby of quarterback Tom Brady,” prosecutors wrote in court documents. “The rings were at no time authorized by Tom Brady. Defendant Spina intended to obtain the three rings by fraud and to sell them at a substantial profit.”

The same Orange County purchaser who’d bought the first player ring agreed to buy the three family rings for $81,500 – three times what Spina had paid for them – until he began to doubt that Brady had any nephews (he has several nieces and nephews) and backed out.

On the day the buyer backed out in Nov. 2017 — which was the same day Spina actually received the rings — he immediately sold them to an auction house for $100,000. 

In Feb. 2018, one of sham rings sold for $337,219

He was charged with one count of mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft for He pleaded guilty to all five charges on Monday, officials said.

According to his plea deal, Spina admitted the three rings “were ordered for Tom Brady directly from [the Ring Company] for select family members.” He also admitted that he defrauded the memorabilia broker to three wire transfers for the deposit on the family rings. Spina further admitted to posing as the former Patriots player to purchase the rings.

He faces up to 92 years in federal prison. However, officials said his actual sentence will likely be “substantially less” once a judge considers sentencing guidelines and other factors. As part of his plea deal, he’s also agreed to pay restitution to the former Patriots player he impersonated.

He will make his first court appearance on Jan 31 in federal court in Los Angeles.

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Richard Roat Dies: Actor In ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Friends’, ‘Dallas’ & Dozens of Others

Richard Roat, a character actor with 130-plus credits spanning nearly a half-century who appeared in many of TV’s biggest shows including Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Murphy Brown, Dallas, Hawaii Five-O and Happy Days, has died. He was 89.

Roat died August 5 in Orange County, CA, according to his family. No other details were available.

Born on July 3, 1933, in Hartford, CT, Roat had a couple of bit TV roles before being cast as Dr. Jerry Chandler in the 1962 pilot of NBC soap opera The Doctors. He appeared in more than 170 episodes during the first year of the which, would go on to air for two decades.

He guested on a 1965 episode of The Fugitive and became a busy character actor during the following decade. Roat appeared in memorable 1970s comedies and dramas as Hawaii Five-O, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Columbo, Cannon, Kojak, The Bob Newhart Show, Police Story, Vega$, Fantasy Island, Happy Days, Charlie’s Angeles and Dallas

Roat also had small roles in the 1970s features Westworld, American Hot Wax and Corvette Summer.

He continued to be an in-demand TV character actor throughout the 1980s and ’90s, appearing on such hits as 7th Heaven, Cybill, The Practice, Ellen, Coach, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Murphy Brown, The Nanny, Melrose Place, Blossom, Grace Under Fire, Living Single, Mad About You, Lois & Clark, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Night Court, Baywatch, Murphy’s Law, Simon & Simon, L.A. Law, Matlock, ALF, St. Elsewhere, Hart to Hart and others.

He also co-starred with Eva Gabor, Robert Hays and a young Jay Leno in the 1978 telefilm Almost Heaven.

Roat is remembered by Seinfeld fans as one of the doctors who found Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Elaine Benes to be a “difficult patient” in the Season 8 episode “The Package” in 1998. He also appeared as a professor colleague who busts Ross (David Schwimmer) for dating a student in a 2000 episode of Friends.

Farther back, he appeared in two episodes of The Golden Girls, including a Season 1 role as a man who dies while having sex with Rose (Betty White). Roat also recurred as Farnsworth on multiple Hill Street Blues episodes from 1982-85 and as a publisher on Dynasty in 1986.

In a 1985 episode of Cheers, Roat played Norm’s (George Wendt) boss Mr. Hecht, who promotes him to corporate killer — responsible for firing people in the office.

About that time, he returned to his soap opera roots to play Professor Henry Moore in about a dozen episodes of NBC’s Days of Our Lives from 1985-91. His final credit was a 2009 episode of 24.

Roat also appeared briefly on Broadway and onstage at The Public Theatre in Central Park, The Huntington Hartford Theatre in Los Angeles and the Pasadena Playhouse. Along with his long acting career, he had a successful practice as an entertainment tax preparer for more than 50 years.

Survivors include his wife of more than 40 year, Kathy.

Buddhist Priest Dies in Bizarre Accident after Funeral Pyre EXPLODES

A priest died while performing a cremation ceremony when a funeral pyre exploded in front of him. The Buddhist priest was saying prayers for a man who had died in a motorcycle accident in Kampong Cham province.

The priest walked to the front of the kiln to continue the ceremony, and while lighting up the funeral pyre he was caught in a massive blast. 

Hoeun Soeun, 72, was performing the final rituals for a 20-year-old man who died in a motorcycle accident. As per footage acquired by Daily Mail, Soeun walked to the front of the kiln in white robes while saying his prayers.

As he poured petrol on the wood to cremate the dead, the blast suddenly blew the metal door off. In the series of events, the priest was hit in the face with the metal door and smashed onto the ground. Soeun died instantly after suffering a fatal head injury.

The police investigating the case ruled the priest’s death was “unaccounted for.” According to them, this incident was a first of its kind.

Buddist priest dies during cremation ceremony

Cambodia majorly follows cremation and for that, an achar (priest) is absolutely necessary as it is believed that they calm the soul of the dead person and prepare them for the next life.

Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Seng Lino said that Soeun had been burning corpses for more than 40 years and explained that the incident took place after he set the corpse of the youth on fire with wood and 30 liters of gasoline.

The kiln is being checked to see if it is fit for future cremations. According to the locals, the police were advised to return the body of the priest to his family for burial instead of cremating due to the nature of the accident. 

Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Seng Lino said, “When the priest lit the corpse, the crematorium furnace exploded, and the large steel door was blown off from the force.

The door hit him on the forehead causing him to die instantly due to the serious injuries. The cause of the explosion is not known. The priest was very experienced and had performed thousands of cremations.” 

Watch the video below:

Rising Country Star Dead at 32

Country musician Luke Bell was discovered dead Monday in Tuscon, Arizona, after the rising star had been missing for over a week, authorities said.

Bell, a 32-year-old native Kentuckian living in Wyoming, had been reported as missing on Aug. 20, the Tucson Police Department said.

Country music singer and friend Matt Kinman confirmed the news and said Bell suffered from bipolar disorder and had recently had a change to his medication, according to a report.

Facebook / Luke Bell© Provided by Washington Examiner

That change might have “played a role” in his friend’s disappearance, Kinman said.

Bell was on a fast rise in the country music scene, the report noted.

After leaving the University of Wyoming, he moved to Texas and became a mainstay at honky-tonks and saloons in Austin.

Bell, described as a honey-throated nomad, received his big break after he made his way to Nashville and signed with Thirty Tigers.

His first eponymous album was received well nationwide, and he worked with Alabama Shakes, Margo Price, Langhorne Slim, Willie Nelson, and Dwight Yoakam, among other country icons.

“To be honest, I live in the day, and I count smiles,” Bell said in a 2016 interview.

“That’s it. Listen, half the time, I end up drinking beer with my neighbors. Life’s not that bad.”

Fans described Bell as an “authentic” voice in an oversaturated and sterile music scene, according to the report.

“Man … Luke Bell … what the f***,” country star Joshua Hedley posted to Twitter.

“RIP to a real one. Been a long time since I saw him and I was just talking about him the other day wondering what he’s been up to. Truly a sad night for country music.”

The band Mike and the Moonpies echoed the sentiment.

“Word just came down on the passing of Luke Bell and we’re heartbroken over the news,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “I can vividly remember the first time I met Luke at Hole in the Wall over a decade ago, down to the clothes on his back.”

“The man (and his music) left an impression. He was a real deal traveling troubadour out there on that lost highway. Do yourself a favor and put on some Luke Bell tunes tonight in his memory. Rest In Peace, friend.”

Worker is Almost Killed by Cement Mixer

A worker was inside a cement mixer at a concrete plant when a colleague turned it on, federal officials said. Now the Colorado-based company is accused of not following federal workplace safety standards after the worker faced potentially fatal injuries. The worker for Lindsay Precast Inc. was doing maintenance inside a mixer on March 2 in Colorado Springs, the U.S. Department of Labor said in an Aug. 29 news release.

While the employee was inside the machine, a co-worker turned it on, officials said, and the worker narrowly escaped fatal injuries, officials said in the release. Lindsay Precast Inc. did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment on Monday, Aug. 29.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for “exposing workers to potential hazards by not developing and using procedures to control hazardous energy and not training employees on the related dangers.” In addition to this citation, the company was cited for not training workers on safety procedures in confined spaces, fall hazards in areas around the cement mixer and procedures for powering devices either on or off that require “lockout/tagout devices,” the release states. In total, Lindsay Precast Inc. faces $203,035 in citations and penalties.

“By sheer good fortune, a worker narrowly avoided much more serious, and potentially, fatal injuries, in an incident that would have never happened if the employer had followed federal requirements to de-energize and lockout the mixer to prevent the machine’s start-up,” said Chad Vivian, the area director for OSHA’s Englewood, Colorado, office. Lindsay Precast Inc. can comply, contest OSHA’s findings or request an informal conference with the director within 15 days of the issued citations and penalties.

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Train Cars Derail in Texas Leaving At Least 1 Person Dead

Two train cars in El Paso, Texas, derailed Monday evening, killing at least one person and damaging a gas line, fire officials said.

The derailment happened near Barton Street and homes in the area were initially evacuated as a safety precaution, El Paso Fire Department spokesperson Enrique Dueñas-Aguilar told Fox News Digital. 

About 50 people were allowed back in their homes an hour later, Dueñas-Aguilar said.

The spokesperson said one fatality was confirmed as a result of the derailment. It remains unclear where this person was when they were killed. No other injuries were reported.

A backyard shed, fence and gas meter were all damaged after the tain cars derailed. 

The damaged gas line was shut down. Texas Gas was working to repair the line.

“The incident was reported at around 9:18 p.m. MT. The train cars that derailed were carrying wheat grain, they were not passenger cars,” Dueñas-Aguilar said.

Officials are asking that people avoid the area.

The El Paso Police Department and Union Pacific are investigating the incident.

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