Ghost Children Allegedly Caught on Camera in New York Manor

A caretaker in New York has been documenting the ghostly presences he feels in an old manor house in Port Chester, New York.

His claims are varied and wild, including tales of people being incinerated alive and ritual sacrifices performed by prominent 19th century businessmen. It’s…a lot. But one regular spiritual visitor he likes to film is the “ghostly children” he claims haunt the basement of the building. 

In the video, the TikToker, who goes by John, films in the basement he is presumably renovating, as it is currently in an extreme state of disrepair.

He says he heard the sound of children’s laughter and felt a “heavy energy” when he entered the space, and as he swings the camera around, there appears to be something peeking out from behind a wall. Is it a ghostly child, or just a trick of the light?

A bit of digging reveals that the building he calls “Haunted Wesleye (or Wesley) Manor” on his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel is actually Wesley House, an apartment building in Port Chester, New York.

It was originally built to be a private summer home in the 1860s by E.B. Wesley, an early “bank note broker”, Wall Street investor, and the founder of The New York Times. (And, according to this TikToker, an evil man fond of human sacrifice and currently an angry ghost who likes to break in on his livestreams.) 

Over the years, the place was a Revolutionary War-era camp (John claims more instances of human sacrifice), a 1918 pandemic hospital (where John says folks were burned alive), and now an apartment building (no units currently available, despite this vast ghostly presence).

Descriptions of the apartment say there is a property manager on site, which one can only assume is John. I wonder what the tenants think of all this dark history?


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