Husband ‘Decapitates Wife and Walks 7 Miles with Her Severed Head to Police Station’

A monsterous husband has been accused of decapitating his wife and walking seven miles with her severed head to the police station.

Deranged Nakaphodi Majhi is accused of slaying his wife of 25 years after suspecting her of having an affair.

Cops in Majhi’s district of Dhankanal in India nabbed the alleged cold-blooded murderer walking with his spouse’s severed head to the local police station.

They said Majhi suspected his wife Sachala of being unfaithful and deliberately picked rowed with her.

At around 3.30am on July 15, the 55-year-old allegedly got into a heated argument with Sachala and brandished a katuri – a sharp weapon – and slit her throat, according to the Times of India.

He then proceeded to behead her and walked seven miles towards Gondia police station to surrender, cops said.

Onlookers caught Majhi walking through a nearby village with his wife’s head and informed police.

Onlookers claim they saw Majhi carry a bag containing his wife's head
Onlookers claim they saw Majhi carry a bag containing his wife’s headCredit: Jam Press

Cops have now launched an investigation.

According to police, Sachala leaves behind two sons, who no longer live at home.

It comes as a new Netflix documentary revealed India’s most dangerous killers who decapitated and dismembered his victims.

Some viewers have had to “switch off” after seeing stomach-churning gore in the true crime doc The Butcher of Delhi.

The killer – later named as Chandrakant Jha – left chilling notes mocking investigators alongside his victims.

He is believed to have killed seven victims between 1998 and 2007 in west Delhi and chose his victims after falling out with them over petty arguments and lies.

In February 2013, Jha was found guilty on three counts of murder and received two death sentences and life imprisonment until death.

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