Nine People Killed as Train Crashes Into Overcrowded Children’s Ride

Nine people were killed after an overcrowded train they were travelling in crashed into an amusement ride for children.

Three children and six women died in the horror crash in Indonesia’s Banten state on Tuesday.

The open-top minibus – known locally as an odong-odong – is painted bright colours and acts as a playground for children in lower-income areas.

Local media reports say the bus was carrying 20 passengers at the time of the collision.

Serang Traffic Police Chief Tiwi Afrina said: “[The odong-odong] was traveling from Walantata towards Kragilan and it was driving through a gate-less railway crossing.

“Then the accident happened between the train and the odong-odong. Nine people were killed.”

Among the tragic victims were three children and six women, local cops confirmed.

“With 20 passengers, the odong-odong surely exceeded its maximum capacity.”

Those who survived – many of them wounded – were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The driver escaped without injury and has now been taken into custody for further questioning, has been reported.

Traffic accidents are commonplace in Indonesia, many of them near gateless railway crossings.

The high number of collisions has been blamed on drivers ignoring safety precautions and poor railway infrastructure.

In May, a driver high on crystal methamphetamine crashed his bus and killed 14 of his passengers.

Police in East Java, Indonesia, also said the driver did not have a licence when the vehicle carrying 34 people collided with an electronic traffic sign on Monday, May 16.

According to reports, the bus was travelling down the Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road at the time of the horror crash.

Videos from the scene showed medical crews dragging the injured and dead from the bus, with the injured then rushed to a hospital in Mojokerto.

There were no brake marks on the road anywhere near to where the wreckage was found.

East Java Police’s preliminary investigation suggested that the high bus driver was the primary cause of the deadly crash, according to reports.

The bus, operated by tour company PO Ardiansyah, was travelling back to Mojokerto after excursions to Wonosobo and Yogyakarta.

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