Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Tackle Dennis Rodman to the Floor in Vintage Clip

The Chicago Bulls in the 1990s were running the NBA. In that decade, the Bulls managed to win six NBA Championships in six NBA Finals appearances. Although the star of the show was none other than Michael Jordan, there were other members of the Bulls who played a crucial role in the Bulls’ success as well.

One of them was none other than the defense specialist Dennis Rodman. After going against MJ several times during his days with the Detroit Pistons, Rodman ended up joining the Bulls in the latter part of his career.

His contribution to the Bulls dynasty was to play elite defense, and he certainly did so throughout his stint with the franchise. But apart from playing great defense, the Worm also had a reputation for being a hothead.

Regardless of the size of his opponent, Rodman never backed down from a fight. This was proved when he almost picked a fight with none other than Shaquille O’Neal. The incident took place during the first matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls in the 1996-97 NBA season.

Shaq was known for dominating his opponents in the paint, but when the Bulls placed Rodman on him, O’Neal somewhat slowed down. Obviously, he was getting frustrated with it.

During overtime, Shaq had enough of it and decided to shove Rodman. Knowing Rodman, he instantly became angry and wanted to fight Shaq. But Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen stepped up while quite literally wrestling him to the ground.

Had the two not done this, Rodman would have certainly gotten into a fight with Shaq and got ejected. This proves that MJ and Pippen were aware of what Rodman brings to the table and how important he was to the success of the Chicago Bulls.

If you are aware of the history between these two, you wouldn’t be surprised that this wasn’t the only time they got into a heated altercation. Shaq once even warned the referees that he’d knock out Dennis Rodman’s teeth.

That’s not the only story that O’Neal has shared about Rodman over the years. He also revealed his experience about attending one of Rodman’s parties. The Big Aristotle was shocked and felt like he was the king of the club at the party.

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