Martha Stewart Shares Heartbreaking News

Coyotes killed six of Martha Stewart’s pet peacocks “in broad daylight” on Saturday.

Stewart shared the sad news in an Instagram post that depicts one of the peacocks, Blue Boy, showing off his beautiful feathers.

The video was accompanied by the song “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. Stewart said she wasn’t sure how the music uploaded but “when Blue Boy was alive it would have been perfectly appropriate.”

In the post, she asked her followers if they had “any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive taste when it comes to poultry?”

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Stewart frequently shares images of her dogs, cats, and horses roaming around her farm in Bedford, New York. Last year, Stewart tweeted she had 21 peacocks on her property. The lifestyle expert and author said she will no longer allow the peafowl out of their yard and will be installing wire fencing.

This isn’t the first time Stewart’s pets have met a grisly death.

While promoting her new podcast earlier this year, Stewart told Insider that her cat, Princess Peony, was killed by her four dogs — chow chows Emperor Han and Empress Qin, and French bulldogs Bete Noire and Creme Brûlée — after being locked out of the house.

“That’s why the dogs thought she was a squirrel,” she added. 

The six coyotes remain at large.

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  1. If my dogs killed my cat I would get rid of them. You would think she would protect the animal.s she owes. Doesn t she a brain or just alot of money. …. Protect your Animals.,Stupid… …. Maybe the coyotes should >>>>>>>get HER.

  2. Very simple. Trap them or shoot them. If she doesn’t want to do it herself, she can get someone else to do it. The ONLY ‘good’ coyote is a DEAD one. Same with wolves. After losing nearly a dozen calves (coyotes AND wolves don’t bother to kill them-they LITERALLY eat the alive), any person who cares about their animals would feel the same. A friend once came across a den: there was so many dog and cat collars they didn’t have room for them in a 5 gallon bucket….they are vile vermin that need to be KILLED-ALL of them!!!!

  3. There is a reason for all animals on this earth! Even humans! Lots r evil😡 we r forcing animals out! Leave ‘em alone🤬!!!!

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