“World’s Youngest Serial Killer” Murdered Several People by Eight Years Old

The ‘World’s Youngest Serial Killer’ had allegedly murdered three people by the time he was eight years old.

In 2007, police in Bihar, India, investigated claims that a child, identified as Amarjeet Sada, allegedly killed three babies – including his eight-month-old sister and nine-month-old cousin, The Guardian reports.

The case was brought to the authorities’ knowledge after a mother had reported that her six-month-old daughter went missing.

During a police search, the victim’s tiny body was tragically found buried nearby.

Later on, Sada, who has since been diagnosed with ‘psychiatric disorders’, told locals in the village that he had strangled her and even showed them the spot where he left her body.

News channel NDTV reported the story at the time, showing pictures of Sada outside of a local police station in the area. The boy was reported to have crushed the baby to death with a stone before burying her body. 

He was said to tell the police at the time after being put into custody: ​​”She was sleeping in the school. I took her a little away, and killed her with a stone and buried her.”

In June of that year, Sada was arrested and appeared in court for the murder. However, since Sada was still under 18 at the time, he was placed in a remand home in a nearby town of Munger.

According to Indian law, a child cannot be given the death sentence or sent to prison but can be detained at a children’s home until they turn 18.

Locals at the time also claimed that Sada was also responsible for previously taking away the lives of his sister and cousin but, but that the matter was kept under wraps.

In 2022, Sada would now be 23 years old – over the minimum age to be sentenced to prison or death.

In fact, the Daily Star reported in November 2021 that Sada was in fact ‘awaiting execution’. However, it is not currently known whether his sentence has been served.

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  1. Guess we won’t see this kid as a future doctor in the United States…… but then again, maybe we will,

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