Child Dies After Being Rescued With Siblings From “House of Horrors”

Chilling details have emerged in the case of a six-year-old girl who tragically died after she was rescued from a “house of horrors”.

Cops have launched an investigation into the death of little Charlie, after she was found at a house in Adelaide, Australia, alongside her five siblings aged eight to 29.

South Australia Police Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams said today the girl’s death “is being investigated as a case of criminal neglect causing death,” reports.

The young girl was found unconscious at the home in Munno Para in the early hours of July 15 and was rushed to the Lyell McEwin Hospital after paramedics found her in an unresponsive state.

She tragically died soon after from suspected malnutrition.

Her other five siblings aged eight, 10, 13, 14 and 15 and 29 have been removed from the house with authorities investigating criminal neglect charges in relation to them as well.

The deputy commissioner said: “The task force will conduct a simultaneous comprehensive and coronial investigation at the same time and that will focus on the broader circumstances of Charlie’s death.”

She added: “We want to understand what happened to Charlie and how she ended up in the circumstances she did.

“This is extremely serious. The death of any person is tragic but the death of a young child obviously causes concern.”

The girl is said to have been living with her mom and suffering from “multiple health conditions”, 7 News reported.

Officials said Charlie’s family was known to at least three government agencies.

The investigation is set to probe the family’s living conditions and their diet. As well as the reason behind the interactions with the government agencies.

Minister for Child Protection Katrine Hildyard said: “The family were known to multiple government agencies who were actively involved with them over the past couple of years,” before adding, adding it was a “horrible and heartbreaking time”.

She said: “It’s tragic a six-year-old girl has lost her life.”

Comparisons are being drawn to the city’s infamous “House of Horrors” case where 21 children were found living in appalling conditions with five adults.

The kids were discovered after one of them was taken to hospital with a head injury and severe hypothermia.

They were mostly prevented from eating and were periodically fed two-minute noodles, small amounts of chips or dog food.

Four adults were arrested – Tania Staker, her boyfriend Luke Armistead, his brother Michael Quinlivan, and Armistead’s former stepdad Robert Armistead.

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