Terrifying Hot Air Ballon Crash Leaves Tourists Injured

A hot air balloon packed with dozens of tourists plummeted to the ground after a terrifying mid-air crash at 200ft.

Two people were injured as the ballon – loaded with 28 people – fell out the sky during a flight over the sights of ancient Egypt on Monday.

Footage of the drama shows the balloon heading toward the ground after it collided with another balloon.

Photo of hot air balloon as it begins to fall

As the aircraft falls too quickly its pilot can be seen desperately firing up the burner to create hot air aimed at slowing the descent.

The video goes on to show the ballon’s basket hitting the ground with a hard bump and almost taking off again.

It only stays on the ground because dozens of people throw themselves onto the edge of the basket to keep it from flying away.

Local media reports that the balloon had been blown off course over the historic Luxor City.

Hot air balloon rides over the city were suspended after the incident.

According to officials, the balloon’s fabric was ripped open in the collision causing it to lose height too quickly.

Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation said two people suffered minor injuries in the incident and were taken to a nearby hospital.

The ministry did not provide any information on the nationality of the tourists or what injuries they sustained in the crash landing.

Following a preliminary investigation, the authorities established that the balloon was affected by varying wind speeds.

The wind increased from around three knots (3.5mph) on the ground to about seven knots (8 mph) when the balloon was at a height of around 60 metres (197 feet).

As a result, the ministry said the hot air balloon collided with another one, causing the nylon to tear.

Accidents over Luxor’s landmarks are not uncommon and 19 tourists were killed in a balloon crash in 2013.

In 2009, 16 tourists were injured when a hot air balloon veered off course and crashed into a telecommunications tower.

In May this year, dramatic footage captured the moment a hot air balloon nearly crashed into several homes before landing in a car park in Taunton, Somerset.

Locals watched with equal parts amusement and horror as the balloon was seen flying “very low and erratically”, initially over the M5.

It touched down on the tarmac with a bump in Alllington Road Park, on May 19.

It was reported no one was injured during the balloon’s descent. The crew and some nearby residents then helped them squeeze the air out and pack it away.

One of the individuals onboard the balloon added on social media: “The pilot did a fantastic job to bring us down safely”.

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