Mechanic Stalked by Strange Creature at a Road Stop

There’s plenty of folklore out there about the kinds of monsters that stalk and devour unsuspecting people in the wilderness. But one can forgive this mechanic for thinking he was safe from being “a crypto’s lunch” when he was out on a road call in Oklahoma. 

In the video, “grease witch” and TikToker Austin James tells the story of the time when he was sent out on a road call and relied a little too heavily on his GPS for directions. Some kind of glitch in his phone caused him to turn off onto a side road, pass through some heavy woods, and wind up on a dirt road that led to the middle of nowhere.

When he finally realized how off track he was, James pulled over to get his bearings. After all, it was two a.m., and he was lost. That was when he began to hear the wailing.

@grease.witch Reply to @sporksradiant I'm not an expert on urban legends or cryptids but I've seen a few of them working nights/on road trips #fyp #urbanlegend #cryptid #lallorona #scary #truestory ♬ original sound – Austin James

“Exaggerated funeral sobbing,” is how he described the sounds coming from outside the truck. It was not a coyote or a bird, he claims, but definitely a woman crying. But when he looked outside his truck, he could see nothing but a strange collection of mist about ten feet behind his vehicle. As the sound got louder and louder, with no person in sight, James began to get the creeps, and decided to get out of there.

When he told some Texan friends of his experience, they identified it immediately: James had had a run in with the woman in white, also known as La Llorona, a dangerous water spirit who takes the form of a wailing woman in order to lure people into the water to drown him. When James looked at a map of the area he’d been in, he discovered he was near a lake, and realized exactly how close he’d come to doom. 

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