Mistake Kills 2 Men in Own Home

Two men were found dead inside a home shortly after they moved into it, according to officials.

The victims were identified as Terry White, 57, and Roger Dale Williamson, 36, by Tishomingo County Coroner Mack Wilemon.

The coroner told local news station WTVA that the men died of carbon monoxide poisoning after they put a generator under their house in Belmont, Mississippi.

It was raining at the time, and the two men had just recently moved into the home, the news outlet reported.

The power was shut off by the previous owners, who knew the victims, when they moved out.

White and Williamson had borrowed the power generator and apparently placed it under their home to keep it out of the rain.

Their bodies were later found after a case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

No further details were released.

According to an obituary, Williamson worked in construction for 16 years, constructing carports for a family friend’s business.

He was buried in his native Pennsboro, West Virginia.

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  1. Why didn’t the smoke detector/Carbon Monoxide detectors going off??? They work on batteries so even if the power was out they should have gone off – required, one in each bedroom, one outside of every bathroom and one in the kitchen/dining area!

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