Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Get Married in Vegas

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are married — and wouldn’t you know it … they did it like a couple of kids looking to elope, saying “I do” out in the desert.

According to court records, obtained by TMZ, the couple obtained a marriage license in Clark County, NV — which was taken out on Saturday, July 16. It’s in both of their names — their legal ones at that … Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez.

A source connected to Bennifer tells TMZ … they did, indeed, get hitched … and the license is a signal they are now man and wife.

jlo ring

TMZ broke the story … earlier this year, J Lo was spotted wearing an engagement ring when furniture shopping with her 14-year-old child, Emme.

Soon after, Jennifer shared the news with her fans via a video message on her newsletter, she’s teary-eyed and simply says, “You’re perfect” before you can catch a glimpse of her beautiful green diamond ring.

Ben and Jen first got engaged in late 2002, but called things off in 2004 before they got married. They both went on to have separate relationships, including marriages and kids, but the exes reunited almost a year ago … and have been seemingly inseparable ever since.

ben affleck jlo

The signs of them tying the knot have been there all along — as we’ve reported … they’ve been house hunting together — often bringing their kids along — and signaled they were aiming for a blended family situation. Despite some of their real estate deals falling through, the couple seems to have settled down in a Beverly Hills estate.

Last month, Jen’s car was spotted Thursday at a massive estate in Beverly Hills. There are also 4 moving trucks outside the estate — and there were moving trucks at both Ben and Jen’s current homes in the L.A. area.

The house was not listed for sale — we’re told he bought it for around $60 million. It was previously owned by Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.


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  1. What sort of nasty piece of work are you? You must have s*** for brains. Keep your ugly comments to yourself and don’t try to defile either of them.

  2. It’s none of my business! I hope they find Happiness together,in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  3. Wish them well but. am well aware that celebrity marriages generally do no last long.

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