Father Shoots Teens Attempting to Break into Car with Infants

A father in Texas shot two teenagers early Monday morning who were attempting to break into his car while his two infant children were inside.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a tweet on Monday that the incident occurred “just after midnight” at a residence that was located on Feather Creek Drive.

Shortly after the family pulled into their driveway, the two 16-year-old suspects “walked up to their SUV, and opened a rear door where their 1-yr-old was,” Gonzalez said.

As the two suspects attempted to enter the vehicle, the father shot at them while his children were in their car seats, according to local news station KTRK.

“The adult male feared for the safety of his family and fired shots and struck both suspects. The wife was driving and drove away after the shooting to get away from the suspects,” Gonzalez wrote.

While speaking with the local news station, Harris County Sergeant J. Wheeler said, “One of the parents inside the vehicle, as the suspects were attempting to enter, one of the parents fired off several rounds and shot both of the male suspects.”

In the series of tweets, Gonzalez explained that shortly after the father shot the two would-be robbers, another car driven by an unknown male, which was “believed to be with the suspects,” pulled up at the residence.

“Both wounded suspects were taken to hospitals by private vehicles. Both suspects are teens, 16 yrs old,” he wrote, and added that both suspects are currently in stable and fair condition.

None of the family members were injured during the shooting, according to KTRK. Authorities did not provide any further information on the juveniles’ identities, and said that the investigation is ongoing.

Police also did not provide any further information on a possible motive. It is currently unclear what type of charges could be filed in this incident.

KTRK reported that following the shooting, a bullet hole could be seen in the family’s car after the father shot through the back window.

Newsweek reached out to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for further comment.

Earlier this month in Harris County, authorities hailed a man as a Good Samaritan after he fatally shot a neighbor who had opened fire on his own mother. The mother was taken from the scene to a hospital to treat her multiple gunshot wounds, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Gonzalez said at the time that the case will be turned over to a grand jury, which will decide whether any charges will be leveled against the neighbor.

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