Disgraced Actor Armie Hammer Now Working at a Cayman Island Resort?

Armie Hammer was seen arriving at the Morritt’s resort office, wearing what appeared to be a staffer uniform, following rumors that he is selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands.

The disgraced actor, 35, sported a clean-cut look and wore a blue polo shirt and matching navy pants – a uniform very similar to the one other hotel staffers have been seen wearing.

The photos – taken on June 29 – come after the Social Network star’s attorney denied that Hammer has been working for the hotel.

The star was pictured entering the information center building, as he walked behind another man who was dressed in a similar fashion. 

Hammer decided to clear up the rumors about him working in the hospitality industry, following a viral tweet that claimed to show he is now a concierge at the time share resort. 

The speculations started after a picture of a pamphlet from Morritt’s resort, featuring the actor as the hotel’s concierge, was posted to Twitter

However, the Call Me By Your Name star’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, claimed to Variety on Wednesday that the post was simply a prank.  

Brettler stated it was a joke done by Hammer’s friends from the hotel, in which he has been living for over a year now, following sexual allegations made against him in 2021.

The since-deleted tweet’s caption read: ‘My friend’s parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their concierge.’ 

The pamphlet included discount vouchers and advertised that Hammer would take guests to swim ‘with wild turtles’ and point them to the ‘best snorkeling and diving spots.’ 

Morritt’s director of sales, Christopher Butcher, further clarified the situation, telling The Daily Beast that Hammer does not work at the resort.

‘[Hammer] lives in Grand Cayman. One of my staff plays golf with him, and he had come in just to spend a day with one of my staff members to see what we do,’ he stated.

However, Butcher didn’t rule out a future employment possibility for the Golden Globe Award nominee, saying: ‘If it’s generated this much publicity, then maybe!’ 

Meanwhile TMZ has reported that according to a timeshare resident the actor has been in the office ‘several hours a day’ and ‘is often seen going outside for smoking breaks.’

According to the witness, Hammer showed ‘at least one family around a timeshare on the resort property.’

The publication also confirmed that the star has a friend who works at the hotel, and thus might simply be helping him out in his spare time.

It comes following news that the alleged crimes and scandals involving Hammer and generations of his wealthy family will be the subject of a true crime special a year after the controversial actor’s cannibalism controversy and accusations of rape.

ID and Discovery+ announced a slate of true crime specials, original series and reboots including one centered around the Hammer family according to Variety on Wednesday.

The special – which is tentatively titled House Of Hammer – will examine the scandals over five generations of the Hammer family as the actor is the great-grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer.

The show is set to investigate ‘a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.’

The strange past of the Hammer family were discussed in a Vanity Fair expose last year in March 2021 which claimed many of the men going back five generations have been known to have ‘a dark side.’ 

It provides a backdrop to Armie’s life before leaked messages said to be from the actor surfaced in January 2021 showed him claiming to be ‘100 percent a cannibal’ and several women spoke out accusing him of emotional abuse and violent sexual escapades. 

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  1. Other than possible criminal connection welcome to the Life of an actor! Wait for the Stink of Death to rise above the presumption of innocence.

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