Whale Swallows Two People in a Kayak and Spits them Back Out

The ocean is a magical place absolutely teeming with all different types of creatures and life. One such life form that we find in our oceans is the absolutely massive whale. Ranging from 70 feet to 110 feet in length, and upwards of 150 tons in weight, these behemoths of the deep are both beautiful and terrifying.

Being such a big creature means you need to eat often and eat a lot. The average whale eats upwards of 4% of its body weight in food. So putting that in human terms it would be like a 200lb person eating 8lbs worth of food every single day, which is double the amount that the average person consumes.

These two kayakers were enjoying a nice day on the water, when suddenly, out of nowhere they find themselves literally being swallowed up by a massive whale. In a lucky twist of fate, the whale spits them back out after the terrifying ordeal.

It’s good for them the whale didn’t think they tasted good and spit them back into the sea.

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