Girl, 7, Dies After Falling Out of Moving Car

A girl has died after she fell out a moving car and was ‘struck by several vehicles.’

The seven-year-old, who wasn’t strapped into her seat, fell onto a freeway in South California.

Her mother Veronda Gladney, 28, and her boyfriend Michael Branch, 39, were arrested Saturday and charged with child endangerment.

The girl had been found dead on the road after a 991 call came in around 3.30am.

A concerned motorist had called in an ‘unknown object being struck’ which was blocking part of the freeway.

Californian Highway Patrol officers rushed to the scene and were horrified to find the body of a young girl.

A report into the tragedy determined she was ‘struck by several vehicles’ after she fell out the open window of a moving 1999 Lincoln Navigator.

Gladney was behind the wheel at the the time of the incident, police say.

‘I’ve never had a kid falling out of a moving vehicle,’ CHP Officer Joshua Greengard told ABC7.

‘I’ve been to numerous tragedies in my time, but this one is very unfortunate. It’s very sad.’

A pre-trial hearing for Gladney and Branch has been arranged for July 27.

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  1. How sad. What a horrible death this little child had.People that uncaring should not have children. Were they paying absolutely no attention. They should face prison time for this.

  2. I cant imagine how its the addults fault if the girl wasn’t buckled in and opened the window, she didnt fall out she either JUMPED/CLIMED or was pushed out. If PUSHED I get them being complicit otherwise she did it to herself

    1. WTF? The mother had the responsibility to assure the child was buckled in and stayed that way

  3. The adults did not even stop. They didn’t report it. Someone else had to call it in to the police. Was the child trying to get away from one or both of the adults? There just isn’t any non-criminal explanation.

  4. Its really sad!!! A child does not just fall out of a moving vehicle!! the adults should be charged and kept in jail the rest of their lives!! That poor baby girl!!!

  5. Parents must be aware of what their children are doing in the car at all times. A friend of mines grandson (4yrs old) got out of his seat belt and was giving people the finger while standing up in the back seat. She got ticketed by the Police, by the way thought it was funny.

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