Large Pack of ‘Aggressive’ Dogs Overrun Texas Community

Leah Hamilton-Slider has lived on Lake Striker for years. Over time, she noticed a pack of dogs growing rapidly and getting more aggressive each day.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up out there in my driveway and had to sit in car until the pack of dogs left,” said Lake Striker resident Leah Hamilton-Slider.

Leah and her neighbors live in fear because of the dogs.

“That’s mainly what it is, is being attacked by them and now that they have attacked the dog next door and then attacked that lady and her friend, it’s a reality,” said Hamilton-Slider.

Hamilton-Slider finally had enough, and asked for help. Nicholas Pet Haven jumped into action.

“We had one of the neighbors bring a tractor, we lifted a car, we got five puppies out from underneath the car. We went underneath the house. We crawled and got five pretty much newborn puppies,” said Nancy Wylie, animal rescue volunteer.

Wylie was one of the volunteers that helped rescue the 18 puppies.

“Anywhere they could get, they where hiding. These dogs had never been touched, so it was it was a little bit of a chore to capture them all, but in all we got a total of 16 puppies,” said Wylie.

This rescue was a group effort, and they are still working to get the remaining 11 dogs.

“They are going to take one or two dogs a week. We are going to get them vetted,” said Wylie.

The dogs were suffering from a variety of conditions when Dr. Gary Spence started treating them.

“They were awful. Their skin was really infected, they were really skinny, they were wormy, they just didn’t look good at all,” said Dr. Gary Spence with the Spence and White Veterinary Hospital.

All the puppies and dogs will be treated and put up for adoption.

“I want the dogs to have a good life,” said Hamilton-Slider.

Hamilton-Slider is hopeful all the dogs will get the care and love they need.

Nicholas Pet Haven is asking for dog food donations and for volunteers to help foster the pups. They say that will help them get accustomed to people.

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