Plane Nearly Crashes into Hot Air Balloon Mid-Air Before Landing

Pictures show the moment a plane was forced to dodge a hot air balloon that drifted into its path as it prepared for landing.

The pilot of the aircraft came across the unexpected object on their final approach to Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport in Brazil.

They were able to avoid hitting the unmanned balloon and landed up to 300 passengers onboard safely.

Passengers and plane spotters snapped the incident, showing just how close the two came on Sunday.

Speaking to local outlets, one person on flight 777-300 said ‘the balloon caught the attention of those onboard’.

Rafael Freitas, who took photos from the airport, added that ‘the Boeing 777 came in a little misaligned with the runway to avoid the balloon’.

‘When it had passed the balloon, it turned to correct its alignment’, he said.

It’s thought the balloon may have been used as part of a local festival.

In a statement sent to Doha News, a spokesperson for Qatar Airways said it ‘is aware of an event concerning one of its aircraft involving an unmanned balloon before landing in São Paulo on Sunday 3 July’.

They added: ‘The flight landed as normal and safety margins were maintained at all times.

‘The captain filed a report following the flight which is now being investigated by the Brazilian authorities.’

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