‘I’ll Find You’: Alec Baldwin Vows Vengeance Against Twitter User Over Joke

A Twitter user found himself in a feud with Alec Baldwin over the former’s tweet about last year’s shooting death of a cinematographer that involved the the actor.

Mike Williams wrote a tweet Thursday to remind Baldwin of the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also wounded in the on-set incident during the production of Rust.

“Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent,” Baldwin tweeted Tuesday, according to screenshots, as the tweets have since been deleted. “I mean … what more do you need?”

“Better than shooting [your] cinematographer,” Williams replied.

“When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize,” Baldwin fired back. “I’ll find you Mike.”

Baldwin was holding a revolver on the set of Rust when it fired and struck Hutchins and Souza last October. The actor claimed he believed the gun did not have ammunition in it at the time.

The Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Department in New Mexico, where the film was being shot, is still gathering firearm and ballistics analysis, a medical examiner’s report, and data from Baldwin’s phone in its investigation of the shooting, and the Hutchins family has filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and others involved in the film.

As a result, Baldwin filed an arbitration demand requesting indemnification and seeking compensatory and consequential damages, attorney’s fees, and other possible relief because he claims not to be at fault.

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  1. It was his responsibility to know, and always treat a weapon as if its loaded. He is a complete idiot more worried about how the shooting effects his image than people he shot…feel free to find me jerk , what a turd

    1. The more the leftists bash Trump…. the more I know he’s the man we need as President. Because ANYTHING THE LEFT EMBRACES.,,YOU AUTOMATICALLY KNOW IS BAD.

  2. Baldwin has always been an asshole. No one is surprised by his continuing antics. What a POS!

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