Jet Truck Driver Dies in Accident at Michigan Air Show

The driver of a jet-powered semitruck died when the vehicle crashed in a fiery accident in Michigan on Saturday, police said.

Battle Creek police identified the victim as Chris Darnell, 40, who was behind the wheel of the Shockwave Jet Truck when it raced through or by an explosion and appeared to be in flames, producing a streak of smoke and debris recorded on video.

It wasn’t clear if that first burst of flames, which created a cloud of black smoke, was part of the expected display at the annual Battle Creek Field of Light Air Show and Balloon Festival. The state government’s website promotes the event and notes that it features “pyro and the WALL OF FIRE.”

Two prop planes were performing aerial tricks and flying low above the truck as it raced down a runway at the Battle Creek Executive Airport when the accident happened.

Facebook page, Darnell’s father, Neal Darnell, blamed mechanical failure for the accident.

“We are so sad,” Darnell said in the post. “Just one month ago Chris turned 40. He was so well loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show business. He was ‘Living the Dream’ as he said.”

The truck was created by the late Les Shockley, said to be the pioneer of jet trucks, and operated by the Darnell’s since 2012, according to the International Council of Air Shows. The vehicle is based on a 1985 Peterbilt and powered by three J-34 jet engines, according to the council.

The semitruck is said to be able to exceed 300 mph. Chris Darnell claimed to hold the jet truck speed record, 375 mph, achieved in his team’s Flash Fire jet-modified pickup in 2005 in Florida.

No other injuries were reported following the crash, reported shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday.

Police said organizers canceled the rest of the day’s air show but that other festivities would continue as scheduled through the festival’s end Monday.

The event also includes music performances and fireworks.

Battle Creek police, fire and the Federal Aviation Administration were investigating the crash and the cause, police said.

‘I’ll Find You’: Alec Baldwin Vows Vengeance Against Twitter User Over Joke

A Twitter user found himself in a feud with Alec Baldwin over the former’s tweet about last year’s shooting death of a cinematographer that involved the the actor.

Mike Williams wrote a tweet Thursday to remind Baldwin of the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also wounded in the on-set incident during the production of Rust.

“Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent,” Baldwin tweeted Tuesday, according to screenshots, as the tweets have since been deleted. “I mean … what more do you need?”

“Better than shooting [your] cinematographer,” Williams replied.

“When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize,” Baldwin fired back. “I’ll find you Mike.”

Baldwin was holding a revolver on the set of Rust when it fired and struck Hutchins and Souza last October. The actor claimed he believed the gun did not have ammunition in it at the time.

The Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Department in New Mexico, where the film was being shot, is still gathering firearm and ballistics analysis, a medical examiner’s report, and data from Baldwin’s phone in its investigation of the shooting, and the Hutchins family has filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and others involved in the film.

As a result, Baldwin filed an arbitration demand requesting indemnification and seeking compensatory and consequential damages, attorney’s fees, and other possible relief because he claims not to be at fault.

CEO Fires Hundreds of Employees During ZOOM Call

On Thursday, Ron Johnson, CEO of delivery startup Enjoy and former pioneer of Apple’s retail stores, laid off hundreds of Enjoy workers in a Zoom meeting, according to a video of the meeting obtained by Motherboard. Johnson said the company was letting go of everyone in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The video was an unceremonious end to a week of uncertainty at the company, and comes after Motherboard reported that the company told employees it had “hope” it could pay them the money they were owed. Some workers told Motherboard they were paid in the end, but Enjoy is on its last legs. Bloomberg Law reported Thursday morning that Enjoy has filed for bankruptcy and is exploring a sale.

In the video, Johnson says that the outcome of a consultation process “has resulted in redundancies for all UK employees. Regrettably, I am informing you that Enjoy’s board is serving all UK employees with notice of redundancy today.”

“I understand that this is not the outcome that any of us wanted. For the past four years, we have worked together to build a profitable business in the UK. But it’s been challenging, as we all know, to get the unit economics right.”

The moment CEO Ron Johnson laid off employees in the UK and Canada. The pitch of the audio in this video has been slightly altered by Motherboard to protect a source.

Enjoy is a half-delivery-startup half-tech-support company. Johnson’s vision was to bring the retail store into consumer’s homes, where they could try out different products and an expert could help them decide what to buy. Enjoy was focused on telecommunications and electronics such as partnering with phone companies, but had ambitions to push into other sectors like fashion too. 

Johnson said Enjoy will also close its “Canadian operations as of today,” adding that the company does not “see a profitable path forward in Canada as well.”

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At Least 5 Killed in Italian Alps

At least five people have been killed after being caught in an avalanche sparked by the collapse of a glacier in the northern Italian Alps.

Emergency officials said eight others were injured in the collapse, with two people suffering serious injuries.

Five helicopters and dozens of emergency workers have been sent to the scene to assist with rescue efforts.

Video of the incident showed an ice mass collapsing down the slopes of Marmolada, the area’s highest mountain.

“Unfortunately, five people were found lifeless,” emergency services spokeswoman Michela Canova told the AFP news agency, adding that the injured figure “remains a provisional count.”

“An avalanche of snow, ice and rock which in its path hit the access road when there were several roped parties, some of which were swept away,” Ms Canova explained. “The definitive number of mountaineers involved is not yet known,” she added.

The injured hikers, including one person left in critical condition, were taken to several hospitals around the area, rescue officials said.

In a tweet, the local emergency service said it believes that 15 people hikers were in the group at the of the collapse.

It isn’t immediately clear what caused the section of the glacier, called a serac, to collapse.

But Walter Milan, a rescue service spokesperson, told state TV that the area has been experiencing unusually high temperatures in recent days.

“The heat is unusual,” Mr Milan said, noting that temperatures have reached 10C at the glacier’s peak in recent days.

“That’s extreme heat,” he said. “Clearly it’s something abnormal.”

Reinhold Messner, an Italian mountaineer, told La Republica newspaper that the glacier has been receding for several years due to the impact of global warming.

“There is hardly any ice left,” Mr Messner said. He noted that glaciers occasionally collapse “due to gravity,” but said the reason for the glacier’s retreat “is the global heat, which causes glaciers to melt”.

5-Year-Old and 8-Year-Old Hit in Drive-by Shooting

A shooting in Houston, Texas, left a 5-year-old dead and an 8-year-old wounded when the vehicle they were riding in came under gunfire as it stopped at an intersection early Sunday morning. 

Speaking to reporters at the scene, Houston Police Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher said officers received several phone calls before 1 a.m. about a shooting in the 13300 block of Northborough Drive. 

They arrived at the scene but did not see any witnesses, suspects or complainants, Hatcher said. 

Further investigation determined a mother was driving in the area with her two kids and had stopped at a stop sign at an intersection when her vehicle came under gunfire.

The woman then “left the location immediately once she realized her children were shot and immediately took them to the hospital,” Hatcher said. 

Approximately 15 minutes after responding to the scene, police received additional phone calls regarding two children arriving at an area hospital with gunshot wounds. 

Hatcher said a 5-year-old was shot and died of the injuries, while an 8-year-old also shot is expected to make a full recovery.  

“It is unclear if the complainants were the intended targets of the shooting or if there was something else going on in this area at the time,” Hatcher said. “We do not know a motive. We do not have suspect descriptions other than potentially two Black males in a dark-colored vehicle. We are looking for surveillance footage out here and are gathering evidence.” 

Based on information from a few witnesses, Hatcher said police believe a dark-colored vehicle, possibly with two occupants, was driving westbound on Rush Street, while the complainant’s vehicle was traveling northbound on Northborough. The occupants of the vehicle driving westbound started discharging a firearm or potentially multiple firearms. 

The complainant’s vehicle was stopped at a stop sign at an intersection when it was impacted by the gunshots, Hatcher said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Houston police’s homicide division at 713-308-3600 or crime stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. 

“At this time, I ask that if anyone knows information, please come forward, and please continue to pray for the family of the deceased child and the injured eight-year-old,” Hatcher said. 

31 Decomposing Bodies Found Stacked Up in Funeral Home by Police

A total of 31 decomposing bodies and 16 cremated remains have been found at an Indiana funeral home on Friday.

“They were located throughout the entire business in different locations,” Maj. Isaac Parker told WDRB News. “Some of which had been there from as early as March,” Parker continued, adding they were in “advanced stages of decomposition.”

A source told WDRB News that police responded to the funeral home on a report at 10 p.m. saying that bodies were stacking up after the owner got behind on processing them. People in the area noticed a stench coming from the funeral home after the air conditioning cut out, it was reported.

At the beginning of their investigation, a large semi-truck pulled up with a refrigerated truck in the back to retrieve the bodies, WHAS11 reports. The remains were transferred to the Clark County Coroner’s Office in the hopes of identifying all of the individuals, WDRB reports.

During the investigation, which lasted several hours, law enforcement and regulatory agencies secured the building and worked in yellow hazmat suits, WLKY reports.

Gladys Bautista with WLKY reported that the owner of the home has already spoken to authorities.

No suspect has been charged with anything at this time, Parker told WDRB.

“We’re working with the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office to ensure that the investigation is efficient and successful,” Parker added.

The Jeffersonville police department is also working with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police, the Clark County Coroner’s Office, Clark County Emergency Management, the Clark County Health Department and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security in the ongoing investigation, WAVE News reports.

Kate Middleton ‘Banned’ from Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is in full swing and a whole host of famous faces have been gracing Centre Court’s royal box.

And a regular in the box is the Duchess of Cambridge, who is a huge tennis fan as well as being patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

But it seems that one year she was stopped from attending the tournament – despite her pleas to be allowed to go – and missed a huge British win.

It came in 2013 when Andy Murray made it to the men’s final and was gunning to become the first British man to win the Grand Slam since Fred Perry in 1936.

Kate it seems was eager to be at Wimbledon to cheer him on but was heavily pregnant with Prince George at the time, so was advised to watch the match from home.

She told sports host Sue Barker on the BBC documentary Our Wimbledon: “I was very heavily pregnant with George so I wasn’t able to turn up.”

Sue replied: “But you had a great excuse!”

“I know but even still,” Kate said. “I was sort of ‘Maybe I could go’ but the doctors were like ‘no.’

“I wrote to [Andy Murray] afterwards saying sorry for not being there, but huge congratulations.”

However, luckily three years later when Murray made the final again, Kate was able to be there to see him lift his second Wimbledon title.

She attended the final with husband Prince William and couldn’t contain her emotions when he served up a win.

Meeting Murray after his match, Kate said: “Many congratulations, it was a great game.”

While William said: “So pleased for you, well done”, and Kate added: “You can relax with your family now.”

Meanwhile two years ago, Kate referred to Murray as one of her sporting heroes during a call to schoolchildren.

As the championship was cancelled due to the pandemic, the duchess dropped in with a video call to school children, quizzing them on their sports training before revealing she had her pal waiting on the line.

Cheekily giving a handful of clues to leave children in no doubt as to who was coming, she told them: “I’ve got a very important person here that’s going to come and join us, that would love to meet you guys and might be able to share some tennis tips as well with you” before introducing the Wimbledon winner.

Man Paid 330 Times His Salary by Mistake

It’s always nice to see a little extra in your paycheck, but one employee at a Chilean company got the pay bump of a lifetime last month.

The unnamed worker at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), which makes cold cuts, normally received a paycheck of roughly 500,000 Chilean pesos (about $555) direct-deposited to his account. In the most recent pay period on May 30, though, a screwup in the company’s HR department resulted in him getting a check for $165,398,851 (a whopping $183,593), reports Diario Financiero, a Santiago-based newspaper.


He took the matter to a manager to report the overpayment, which is when the HR error was discovered. The company then told him to go to his bank to initiate the return of the money. He promised to go there the next day. And that’s exactly what he did.

What he didn’t do, however, was return the money. And after three days of calls and WhatsApp messages, the company got a message from a lawyer representing the worker, offering his resignation.

Since then, no one at the company has heard from the worker.

The company has filed a complaint charging the worker with misappropriation of funds, in hopes of recovering some of the lost money, but so far there have been no arrests.

While a windfall like that would be huge in any country, it’s especially notable in Chile, where the average worker takes home roughly $1,000 U.S. per month, according to

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