60 Passenger Brawl Breaks Out on Carnival Cruise

Whether you’re a cruise person or not, we can all agree that things got a bit out of hand on a recent Carnival Magic cruise ship returning to NYC from Dominica, Turks & Caicos, and the Bahamas.

According to MSN, up to 60 passengers were involved in a fight that broke out around 5:20 am in a nightclub aboard the ship.

The cause?

A secret threesome that came to light. Apparently, two people in committed relationships snuck away for a little rendezvous with a third person and got down with some funky business.

But as the saying goes, three can keep a secret if two are dead, and the meet up came to light. Safe to say, the significant others didn’t appreciate the infidelity and the brawl began.

Beer bottles were thrown, and one lady was cut in the face as the ruckus moved throughout the ship, starting on the 5th floor and ending on the first. Security intervened the best they could, but the ship did call for a Coast Guard escort back to port in case anything else happened.

Also, one of the security guards can be seen throwing soccer kicks at a downed person. I guess the heat of battle can make you do wild things, but man oh man that does not seem like the thing to do to bring back peace.

Now, is it okay for two people in committed relationships to cheat on a vacation? Of course not, especially while the other person is over playing shuffleboard or stuffing their face with a 4th trip to the buffet.

But getting in a 60-person brawl that makes the captain call in a military branch? I don’t know if that’s the move either…

Doesn’t seem like a healthy relationship anyway and they’d probably be better off calling it quits after this, but you never know…

They are Carnival Cruise people after all…

Original Story – https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2022/06/30/60-passengers-involved-in-carnival-cruise-ship-brawl-over-alleged-cheating-coast-guard-called-for-backup/

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  1. Ever been on a Carnival ship????
    If you have then this shouldn’t surprise you.
    I’m just surprised there wasn’t a drive by shooting on the pool deck….

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