Mom of 3 Almost Dies After Botched Plastic Surgery Procedure

A mom claims she was left fighting for her life after a “mummy makeover” in Turkey.

After being recommended the budget surgeon by her friends, Tracy Marriott, 45 from the UK, flew to Istanbul, Turkey, to undergo a tummy tuck and boob job which she hoped would improve her self-confidence.

The mom-of-three believed that she would return to the UK a brand-new woman however, shortly after the £5,000 procedure, she claims that she was left with a life-threatening lung infection as well as giant holes in her breasts.

Tracy, who is a full-time carer for her son, Daniel, six, shares her story to warn others who are considering cheap cosmetic procedures abroad to research the clinic.

Tracy said: “After the surgery, I was pretty much out of it and I thought I was going to die.

“The procedure was something that I’ve always wanted – I had a bit of a saggy belly after having three kids and wanted a tummy tuck as well as a boob job. I thought that I had done a lot of research, a couple of friends had recommended the same surgeon in Turkey. It was the price that swayed my decision more anything.”

“It was £5,000 for the combined surgery and the plan was to fly out there and stay in the hospital for five days but I ended up having to book an additional flight because I was so unwell and my husband, Dan, flew out too to help me come home.”

“After the surgery, I was in a lot of pain and was having trouble breathing.”

“I wasn’t told much about what was happening to me and I hadn’t even had the chance to see my surgery outcome. I was in so much pain and one day they wheeled me down for some sort of x-ray without explaining what was happening to my health apart from having abnormal blood levels.”

Tracey Marriott after surgery

“I felt like I was dying and I wouldn’t make it back home to them. My mom video called me whilst I was in the hospital and she said she could barely recognize me, I looked so unwell.”

Tracy’s procedure shrunk her size 18 body down to a size 14 and her 36DD bra size increased to a 36FF.

However, she wasn’t prepared for the shocking results that left her with gaping holes in her breasts and a large jagged scar across her stomach.

Tracy adds: “When I finally came back round and flew home, I immediately went to the NHS who couldn’t believe the stitching, the type of stitches and how it had been done.

“The doctor also said I had a lung infection.”

“One day not long after, I knocked one and another hole appeared with all this stuff that oozed out.

“There was no infection which really surprised me but I was still put on an IV and admitted straight to hospital.

After suffering through the ordeal, Tracy got her procedure revised in Belgium and says she now feels much better, she said: “It was wrong for the surgery to recommend multiple surgeries as I seriously thought I was going to die. Surgery can be really worth it for most people, I just recommend people do as much research as they can.”

“I guess the sayings true – you get what you pay for.”

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