Subway Worker Shot Dead by Customer Over ‘Too Much Mayo’

Asubway worker was shot dead in front of her son on Sunday after an argument with a customer “about too much mayonnaise on his sandwich,” the restaurant owner has told.

Police said officers responded to the shooting at the downtown Atlanta gas station, in Northside Drive Southwest, about 6.30 p.m. local time. A second worker was hospitalized with injuries, Fox5 Atlanta reports.

Restaurant owner Willie Glenn told local reporters: “Believe it or not, it was about too much mayonnaise on his sandwich.

“He decided to escalate the situation and from there, that’s when all hell broke loose.”

He added that the employee who was killed had her son in the store when it happened.

He added: “One of the young ladies who was killed today, her son was in the store. She had a young son that had to witness all of this,” he said.

An on-duty manager returned fire at the suspect but missed, Glenn said.

The two employees shot had worked at the restaurant for three or four weeks, he added.

“It is really unfortunate, I mean there is just a whole lot of shooting and killing going on and this was just ridiculous. My heart, right now, is just with my employees,” Glenn said.

“I don’t know what the world is coming to especially with our youth. They seem to be so hot-headed.

“Everybody wants to carry a gun. Everybody wants to scare somebody with a gun. It’s scary out here.”

Officials have not released the names of the victims while they try to notify their families.

If you have any information that could help police with the investigation, call the Atlanta Police Department.

A similar incident happened at a Jack in the Box in Houston, Texas, earlier this year in April.

A Jack in the Box employee was shot after an alleged dispute with a customer over sauce, authorities said.

A customer pulled into the drive-thru of the Jack in the Box located at 3927 Aldine Mail Road and asked for more buttermilk, according to HCSO. When he was told the additional sauce came with a surcharge, however, an argument ensued.

The customer then pulled up to the front of the restaurant, where he got into a separate argument with an off-duty employee waiting for his ride home, authorities say.

Though the employee tried to get away by crossing the street, “the customer followed in his vehicle and shot the employee, hitting him on his right hand,” said HCSO, adding that the bullet did not go through the employee’s hand.

He was later transported to a nearby hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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