Woman Arrested for Mixing Feces Into School Lunch

A woman in Japan has been arrested and charged for mixing human feces into a school lunch.

A 20-year-old employee at a public school in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, has been arrested and charged with fraudulent obstruction of business on June 13 for mixing human feces into a side dish of the school lunch.

The mixture of human excrement into the school lunch was discovered on Oct. 8, 2021, when the school principal taste-tested the day’s meal in advance. He reportedly noticed the dish’s peculiar odor and discoloration. The principal canceled the lunch and submitted the food to the public health center for examination.

The test results confirmed that the food contained E. coli bacteria. While the dish was made in a separate central facility, it was reported that no other schools had any trace of E. coli bacteria in their food. 

It remains unclear what the woman’s motives were or how she was able to mix the feces into the food.

When the incident circulated online, many were surprised by the intervention of the principal in tasting the school lunch before anyone else.

While it is not practiced in all schools, it is apparently customary for principals to eat lunch about 30 minutes before the whole school. The practice is meant to check whether the quality and flavor of the food is acceptable to be served as an act of formality.

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