Russia Experiences Series of Unexplained “Fireballs”

A gas explosion in the Ural Mountains of Russia caused a huge fireball just hours after the explosion at the power plant caused a widespread power outage.

The two incidents are the latest in a series of mysterious fires and explosions that have shaken the country following a bloody invasion of Ukraine.

First, an unexplained flame occurred at the Gysinoozerskaya hydroelectric power plant.

The fire caused a huge eruption of black smoke to rise into the air, causing power outages in much of Siberia.

The video captured the moment of a catastrophic fireball that burned several people.

Maria, a resident of Taritza, said: Suddenly we all trembled.

“I thought the wall had collapsed or something had collapsed.”

The incident is under investigation and the cause is currently unknown.

Numerous fires at strategic facilities raise suspicions of sabotage by those angry at Putin’s failure to invade Ukraine.

Last week, a large fire struck the world’s second largest natural gas field in Urengoy, just 3,500 km east of Moscow.

In April, the following seven people died. A mysterious fire at the Russian Defense Research Center.

Defective electrical wiring was suggested as a potential cause, but there was speculation that sabotage was involved.

The laboratory building focused on research related to Russia’s air and space defense and the development of new anti-aircraft systems.

That same month, Russia’s oil depot burned in a claim of a cross-border attack by Ukrainian troops .

And earlier this month, about 125 people were rescued from a burning building in Moscow

The roof of the 10-story Grand Setun Plaza To escape from hell in the Kuntsevo district, about 9 miles west of the Kremlin.

Accidental fires are common in Russia, with hundreds of fires recorded each year due to aging, poor infrastructure, and violations of loose safety standards.

But last year, some of the country’s more mysterious fires were directly related to the war in Ukraine.

The military enlistment office in Nizhnevartovsk was anxiously attacked by Molotov cocktails in May .

I saw the opposition approaching the building and throwing ammunition at the doors and windows before escaping from the scene.

The Kremlin has not yet provided insight into the explosion surge.

However, former Russian House of Representatives and anti-Putin activist Ilya Ponomalifu has launched a telegram channel to inform the audience of these actions.

He said: “It’s happening everywhere, and that’s why no one can say it’s the job of a Ukrainian intelligence agency or a Ukrainian saboteur.

‘Ukrainians were able to do sabotage near the border, but Vladivostok did not. Obviously, it was the Russians who did this.’

120 Since the days passed, Putin ordered the army to invade its southern neighbors, it has plunged Russia into economic turmoil, expelling millions of people and destroying much of Ukraine.

Moscow is still concentrated in the east, even after being forced to withdraw from the capital Kieu due to fierce resistance from Ukrainian troops.

As the fighting intensified, the two British citizens Faces to be executed by Russia after being captured during a battle with Ukrainian troops and sentenced to death.

Aiden Aslin, 28, from Newark and Bedfordshire Originally from Ukraine, Sean Pinner, 48, is treated as a foreign “mercenary” by the authorities of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Ukraine (DPR).

Britain and its families claim that they are legitimate members of the Ukrainian army and therefore should be treated as prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention.

Two men who lived in Ukraine before the invasion have been sentenced to death.

However, Mr. Aslin’s family called the BBC and said he was warned that he was “running out of time.”

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