Man Charged $1,200 for an Uber Ride

Nashville baby, it’ll getcha.

Why is Nashville so ruthless? Maybe it’s because everybody goes to Nashville for one reason and one reason only… to get absolutely rip-shit drunk.

Blacking out, throwing up, waking up somewhere you’re not supposed to, getting robbed by three women after they show you their boobs and act like they’re your friend (true story, we know a guy…), your only hope is that you don’t wind up in jail… or worse.

Or you know, spend $1,200 bucks driving ALL THE WAY back to Alabama…

We were scrolling through the TIFU subreddit today (a good one to follow when you want to feel better about yourself), and found one of the most unfortunate Nashville stories any of us have ever heard. BUT… it’s absolutely hilarious.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy this story from hell:

So this story is from a few weeks ago. A bunch of us went to Nashville for a bachelor party for one of my best friends. We’re all Alabama grads (Roll Tide) and I still live in Tuscaloosa but most of the other guys have moved away so it was pretty much a college reunion. 

We hit the bars downtown early and we hit them HARD, and pretty soon every drink was basically just a double shot of whiskey. We were ripping shots and also shooting our shots with every bachelorette party we met (there were a shit ton of them.) It wasn’t even that late on the first night we were there but after drinking the whole day we ended up at Kid Rock’s bar.

More shots, more beers, and somehow in my blacked out state the beer I was holding slipped out of my hand as I was leaning over the railing on the second floor and shattered on the floor below em. 

Well we obviously get kicked out pretty quick, and I decide that I’m just gonna call it a night and head back to the AirBnb. I was already pretty fucking drunk at that point anyway, so it was probably for the best anyway.

Except somehow in my drunken state when I called the Uber, instead of putting in the address for the hotel I just clicked “Home” (I guess I thought the Airbnb was home for the weekend). You can probably see where this is going

I stumble around and finally meet up with the Uber and pass out pretty much as soon as I get in the car.

When I finally wake up I realize that I’m not at the Airbnb, but back home in Tuscaloosa…because I had set my destination as “Home.”

At this point the bachelor party weekend is already fucked for me so I just I get in my bed and pass out, and wake up the next morning to see that the ride back home cost me $1,253.

Fucking Nashville.

When we reached out to OP to find out what happened, as it turns out, he actually made it back to the party:

Yeah, I did haha, the rest of the guys were gonna be there for another 3 days so I drove myself back. They were calling me, wondering what happened.

I said fuck it and drove back. It was much cheaper lol.


Just imagine, somehow hopping in an Uber blackout drunk, then waking up the next day in your own bed in fucking Alabama, with a $1,200 payment? Had to be absolutely terrifying. And what can you do? You can’t call your bank and cancel the charge, Uber drivers have cameras these days, especially for shady drunk dudes on LONG trips.

You have to appreciate the loyalty though, to head back after something like that (something tells me this guy isn’t married yet). And at the end of the day, you have one hell of a bachelor party story that’s a whole lot funnier than getting too drunk and spending $1,200 on bottle service.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time someone got too drunk and took an expensive Uber ride. Remember the girl from LSU that took a $300 dollar ride a whole 1.6 miles across town?

Or how about the guy that spent nearly TWO GRAND on a backseat, passed out, ride from West Virginia to his home in New Jersey? That’s a damn house payment…

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