Little People Big World Family’s Nasty Feud Over $4M Farm

Tori Roloff has made her feelings clear after snubbing father-in-law, Matt, from her Father’s Day tribute amid the family’s bitter feud.

The Little People, Big World star’s husband, Zach, has been at odds with his father, Matt after the Roloff patriarch refused his offer on the family farm.

There still appears to be some tension as Tori, 31, noticeably snubbed Matt in her numerous Instagram posts.

On Sunday, the mom of three shared one snap of her husband with their three children in honor of his special day.

The shot showed Zach, 32, sitting with their eldest children, Jackson, five, and Lilah, two, while a pic of their newborn son, Josiah, was inserted in between them.

She included the words: “Happy Father’s Day.”

Tori also captured her husband pushing their two youngest kids in a stroller as the family went for a walk in the park.

She gushed over the father of three in the caption: “Daddin’ so hard this Father’s Day.”

In another post, Tori gave a shoutout to her father by sharing a photo of the father-daughter duo dancing at her wedding.

The TV star wrote alongside the sweet pic: “I love my dad.”

Tori, however, did not repeat the gesture for her father-in-law, who hasn’t been on good terms with his children in recent months.


Matt and Zach butted heads on the latest season of LPBW, where Matt turned down his son’s offer to purchase the family’s farm.

The 60-year-old later revealed that he put the farm up for sale, despite his son expressing interest in buying a portion of the property.

The rejection ignited a rift between the pair, which Zach had talked about in length on the show.

“My dad was definitely encouraging the conversation, [wife] Tori and [Matt’s girlfriend] Caryn [Chandler] came too.”

“The north side is the 30 acres my mom and dad shared, and the whole thing was weird, he starts making excuses … suddenly me and my wife are not good enough to run the farm,” Zach shockingly explained in a confessional.

“Whether we don’t have the money, don’t have the skillset… Tori said, ‘it wasn’t cool, I never wanna see someone talk to my husband like that ever.’”

Fans previously blamed Tori for intentionally driving a wedge between Zach and his father, even accusing her of taking pleasure in the dispute.

Social media users ripped the reality star as “bitter,” with one writing: “So over Zach and Tori’s bitter, mean attitude. Sick of it. So hard to watch.”

Another Twitter user commented: “Is anyone more entitled than Zack and Tori? I knew Tori would one day put a wedge between Zack and his family and tada here we are. She acted so ill-mannered at the Pumpkin Patch.”


The argument has further caused a divide amongst the family as Zach opted to take a step back from his duties at the farm.

Zach and Tori also made the decision to move from their Oregon home to their new $1million abode in Battle Ground, Washington.

The TLC star’s twin brother, Jeremy, made a similar move as he purchased his own farm with his wife, Audrey, a stone’s throw away from Roloff farms.

Jeremy previously put in an offer on the property, which Matt also did not accept.

Matt claimed that Jeremy and Zach “decided individually that the timing was not right for them to purchase a part of the farm at this time.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the father of four is asking for about $4million with the sale of the “original family home and bright red barn.”

Tori and Zach share three children: Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah

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  1. Matt is a foolish man. Thinks no one can do as good as he! He caused this, not Tory! I do not blame her!

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