Barron Trump, 16, Cruelly Trolled on Social Media

Barron Trump has been cruelly trolled over his 6ft 7in height after social media bullies shared shocking memes about the former president’s youngest son.

The 16-year-old became the target of online attacks after an image was shared of him over the weekend, thought to have been taken at Mar-a-Lago last year.

In it, Barron – who turned 16 in March – appears to be posing with a Trump fan, wearing a suit, with his thumbs up.

One Twitter user wrote: “Barron Trump looks like two kids in a trench coat.”

Another said: “Looks very weird.”

While one user said: “Barron Trump is literally SpongeBob when he goes to the dance lol.”

Others suggested he should play basketball professionally while some compared him to the hapless Succession character Cousin Greg.

Known in the family as “Little Donald”, the youngster already towers above his 6 foot 3 famous father at 6 foot 7.

He made few appearances during his father’s presidential campaign, with Melania saying the couple wished to shield him from the spotlight.

But he did attend Trump’s inauguration becoming a viral hit online after he couldn’t keep his eyes open at his father’s acceptance speech after the 2016 election.

Rare Barron sightings over the past year showed the teenager towering over the former president and his ex-model mother.

Barron was spotted with Melania last July while they visited New York and he carried her bag as they left Trump tower.


Barron’s growth spurt means he is now the tallest of the Trump kids.

Eric is 6-foot-5-inches while Donald Jr is 6-foot-1, Ivanka is 5-foot-11-inches and Tiffany is 5-foot-8-inches, the International Business Times reported.

The teenager has mostly stepped away from the spotlight after spending four years in the White House with his parents.

Barron, 16, enrolled at a $38,000 a year West Palm Beach, Florida school in August 2021.

Oxbridge Academy, where Barron is now a student, was founded by William I. Koch, a member of the Koch family. 

The school boasts more than 170 academic courses, high-level sports teams and arts programs, and an average class size of just 14 students.

The academy sent an email to parents to alert them of Barron’s attendance and cautioned that the secret service will be present on the 54-acre campus. 

“They want to have little impact on our day-to-day operations,” the school said of the secret service. 

“They’ve done this for other former presidents’ kids. They’re fantastic.”

Barron is set to graduate in 2024.

Melania revealed in 2015 that her youngest son enjoys playing sports and described her only son as a “very strong-minded, very special boy.”

She added: “He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants.”


Barron, who “wanted to be like daddy” at the age of five, also loves to build things, pays attention to detail while drawing, and remembers “everything” he sees when he travels, Melania said.

Speaking at Liberty University back in 2018, Melania revealed her son to be “all into sports.”

Barron has been spotted wearing an Arsenal Football Club shirt on the White House front lawn.

The former president’s son has also played with Arlington Soccer Association’s under-14 and DC United under-12 teams, SCMP reports.


Dad Donald admitted in February that his son is able to hack into his computer, even after locking it.

“I have a young son, Barron. He can make his computer sing,” Trump said.

“I turn it off, and I lock it, two minutes later, ‘hi Dad, how you doing?’ I say, what are you doing. ‘I know how to get it open Dad’.”

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  1. “Melania revealed in 2015 that her youngest son enjoys …”

    How many kids does Melania really have?

    And where are they???????????????????

  2. What was said wasn’t all that cruel, just some bla blas which mean nothing to a kid like him. I’m sure he’s used to much worse.

  3. The trolling over Baron’s height is due to so much jealousy because most times tall people are admired and respected more than short people. They can’t stand the Trumps, so picking on him over his height is all they can come up with. Barron is a handsome, tall, young man with a great brain! Keeping GREATNESS in the family! Love to the Trumps from a patriotic, MAGA fan!

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