Mailman Sees Toddler Alone in the Street – Saves the Day

Stephen Garofalo has been working for the postal service for the last 30-plus years, delivering mail along the same route through Wayne, New Jersey.

Naturally, he’s become very familiar with the neighborhood and knows when something looks strange or out of place.

Despite his decades of working the same route, Stephen had never really experienced anything too dramatic while delivering mail — that is, until he helped save the life of a woman who lives in the neighborhood.

One day, Stephen noticed a 2-year-old boy wandering around outside his house, all alone. It was an instant red flag, and the concerned postal carrier wasn’t about to ignore it.

Stephen, who had seen this boy on his route before, immediately asked him where his mother was. The boy was visibly frightened and pointed beyond his front porch and inside his home.

Stephen ran inside and discovered the child’s mother, Stephanie, hunched over her son’s stroller. She was totally unconscious and unresponsive after reportedly having a bad reaction to medication.

In the clip, you’ll see why Stephen has been presented with the Life Saving Award, a rare honor bestowed to him by the United States Postal Service.

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