Fans Worry About Tom Hanks’ “Visible” Health Issues

Tom Hanks will play the role of the manager in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of Elvis. However, concerns for the 65-year-old actor’s health have raised some concerns amongst his fans.

Tom Hanks recently visited the Gold Coast after filming for the new Elvis biopic. Tom will be playing the part of Elvis’s manager. The leading role has been nabbed by 30-year-old Austin Butler, who will play Elvis in the new film.

Last week, however, during the premiere of the new film, Tom Hanks raised a few eyebrows from concerned fans. The actor struggled to keep his hands still as he took to the stage to deliver a speech. A clip of the moment has been circulating online in which Hanks’ hand can be seen shaking while holding a microphone.

While speaking at the event, Tom Hanks stated: “I’ve shot films in Morocco and Los Angeles and New York City and Seattle and in Berlin. None of them have what the Gold Coast have, and what is that? Two words. None of those other cities have Dan Murphy”. He appeared to steady the microphone with his left hand.

While the Australian audience did not seem to pick up on Tom’s shaking hands, the internet quickly did. Some fans pointed out the role that he once played as a Second World War soldier with PTSD in Saving Private Ryan, whose hands visibly shook due to the immense stress he had endured.

Of course, Tom Hanks fans had much to say about the incident. Some far less sensitive than others.

One user on Twitter said: Another poorly celeb. Will he blame his condition on his rona infection in 2020? And another said of Tom Hanks: Unable to control shaking huh? Didn’t that happen to Killary? Merkel? Could it be withdrawals from something? Hell, just spitballing here. Shake away.

User @JoyetaAnderson pointed out how unsavory these comments are when she posted on Twitter: It is extremely unkind to speculate on Tom’s health. Tom Hanks has a Loving Wife & Family thus they will make him rest if it’s due to tiredness or any other issues.

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