Former NBA Player Delonte West Begging on the Streets in Virginia

Delonte West is reportedly struggling in life.

The former NBA player has struggled for years with issues off the court, but it seemed like he was doing much better after Mark Cuban helped him get into rehab.

However, it seems like the former Dallas Mavericks guard has regressed, and he was allegedly seen begging on the streets of Virginia, according to BroBible.

You can see the viral tweets allegedly showing West on the streets of Virginia below.

This is incredibly sad, and there’s no other way to put it. Actually, it’s beyond sad. West struggled for years after his basketball career came to an end, but it finally looked like he had his life turned around.

He was even attempting to play basketball again after years away from the game.

However, it appears that he hit another major rut in his life, and that might be putting it nicely. I’m not a mental health expert at all, but I think it’s safe to say given what we’ve seen over the past several years that West has some problems that need to be addressed.

There’s no reason for a guy with his background and connections to ever be begging on the streets.

Hopefully, West can get the help he so clearly needs before things get worse.

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