1 thought on “The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts and Demons

  1. Presuming for a moment an actual _something_ to be observed, observation is always an interaction between observer and observed. But an insensitive observer (even a camera) may not be detectably affected by such an interaction.

    A brain with more activity between hemispheres might be a better “receiver” or observer of whatever there may be to be received or observed. Although it may just be more capable of deceiving or confusing itself.

    There are enough cases such as knowing at a distance without a recent phone call that a relative or close friend is under significant stress, that while not insisting on the paranormal, I wouldn’t want to rule it out either. I have some ancestors and relatives that have had quite a bit of that sort of sensitivity; I’m fortunate to have a metaphorically thicker skull (and the concept of shielding from such things thanks to sci-fi novels at an early age) and very seldom be susceptible, since it’s confusing and rather uncomfortable to feel (without sight, sound, or sensation as context) what someone else is feeling, and not even know right away that it _is_ someone else and not oneself. So on balance I’m more grateful than not, to have very rarely experienced such things.

    If such things exist, it’s not surprising that given the sensitive interaction involved, they’re not subject to being replicated on demand by existing experiments.

    As to mechanism, unknown but perhaps not impossible. The brain doesn’t produce enough wattage to be an effective radio transmitter beyond inches, so if there is something there, it’s something else. There are hints in physics not limited to particle entanglement that there might be a LOT of interconnections everywhere. Without reference to specific mechanism, some hold that “ghosts” are not entities, but an imprint or recording left by someone under severe stress, possibly sustained by people’s intense reactions to it.

    Maybe nothing exists that’s not strictly physical, although we know we do NOT know everything even about that, so that perhaps would rule out less than one might suppose. One might imagine designs of experiments that could perhaps recreate results; but the participants would definitely have to be volunteers, and healthy ones at that; because at least one of a pair might have to be subjected to usually harmless but uncomfortable stress of some kind.

    Some traditional sources recommend caution though, in the face of such ignorance. 🙂 A caution for the curious short of total avoidance, would be at the least to avoid pursing it for power over anyone else; assuming some connection, that could go both ways, and the other involved might be the more powerful one.

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