Teen Beaten to Death in the Parking Lot of LeBron James’

A 17-year-old boy was reportedly beaten to death during an altercation in the parking lot of LeBron James’ I Promise School.

According to WOIO-TV, on Thursday, June 2, at approximately 10:45 p.m., Ethan Liming’s body was found near 400 W. Market St. The Akron Police Department told WOIO that Liming was killed during a fight with at least three males.

Officers reportedly located Liming’s body with severe injuries, and it appeared as though he had been “knocked unconscious and brutally assaulted.”

The suspects, whose identities authorities did not disclose, were playing basketball in the lot when Liming arrived with some friends, police told WOIO. Police did not say what caused the altercation.

Liming’s friends allegedly called 911, and authorities pronounced him dead at the scene. His death is being investigated as a homicide, according to WOIO.

LeBron James’ I Promise School is reportedly part of the Akron Public School District, which serves third through seventh grades.

According to WJW-TV, Liming was considered a “rising senior” by his school, as well as a “student leader” at Firestone Community Learning Center.

In a statement to WOIO, the LeBron James Family Foundation said, “Our community is everything to us. We were devastated to learn of the overnight incident that saw a life lost near our school.”

In another statement from Akron Public Schools, Superintendent Christine Fowler Mack reportedly told faculty and staff, “Our Akron Public Schools family expresses its deepest condolences and offers its prayers to the family and friends of a student who lost his life last night.”

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  1. Guarantee the 3 thugs who brutally beat this white kid to death were black.

  2. Despite having no evidence, I put my money on a black-on-white crime. If right, we will never hear another word.

  3. They’re not saying a word about the murderers. If they were white and the victim was black they’d be shouting out about “white supremacy hate crimes” for weeks on end. You can bet the murderers were black here. And with that maggot Lebron James involved, everything will be covered up and the ni**ers will be free to commit more crimes.

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