Bikers Work with Police to Prevent Reporters from Covering Uvalde Funerals

A reporter trying to cover the Uvalde families laying their children to rest after the school shooting on May 24 was prevented from going near the cemetery by bikers who claim they were working with police.

On Thursday, June 2, Houston Chronicle health reporter Julian Gill attempted to cover the funeral proceedings in Uvalde when he was met with resistance from a group of bikers, according to a San Antonio Express News report.

Dozens of bikers from at least three clubs — Guardians of the Children, Thin Blue Line LEMC, and Marines MC — were assisting the police and firefighters

The blockade involved police officers and firefighters from Uvalde, Allen, Pearland, Conroe, and Lubbock. They made a perimeter around Rushing-Estes Knowles Mortuary, Sacred Heart Memorial Church, and the Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery and threatened to arrest reporters if they stepped near the cemetery grounds, the report says. 

The bikers in attendance physically obstructed cameras within designated media areas, followed reporters and harassed them as they walked closer to the ceremonies, the report states.

Outside the funeral proceedings for Eliahna Torres, one of the 19 children that were killed in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, another unidentified biker club members said in the video, “We are out here to provide a little bit of comfort and support for the families, we just want to give the families a safe and peaceful space.”

In the video, Gill tells the group that he is just trying to do his job and cover Torres’ funeral. The unidentified biker and Gill bump into each other as Gill attempts to walk toward the cemetery. Another biker says, “I just saw him assault you.”

Gill tells the bikers he is not trying to disrupt the funeral or ask questions to the families, he just wants to watch the funeral take place. 

A biker club member of the group named Guardians of the Children said the club is working with the police in the video. “They asked us to be here,” the woman says. 

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  1. Let the families mourn. Keep the MSN out of it all. they are just Biden/Soros puppets trying to make up BS about guns and gun control.

    1. Anyone that mentiones Soros puppets and doesn’t think that the entire Republican Party is controlled and run by big business is out of their goddamn mind. Nobody wants to take away anyones guns and if you don’t think that trump turning half the country against the other is just like what hitler did with Germany then you need to open your eyes and do some actual “research” like you conspiracy nuts all claim to do. 18 year old high school kids shouldn’t own assault rifles. Nobody but the military should. No citizen has any use for a gun like that. I’m all for owning guns as long as there’s accountability and regular idiots shouldn’t have assault rifles. It’s all in the name “assault”, that’s what’s going to be done with it. Not hunting, anyone that has one has a boner for war movies and wants to think they are a tough guy because they’ve got a big gun but a tiny dick.

      1. Corporate bigwigs helped that piece of garbage, Biden, steal the election. And I completely blame asswipes like you who lie for Biden for the disaster that is befalling this country now. You left wing imbeciles who voted for Biden are to blame for the wide open borders, high violent crime rates and sky high gasoline prices and rampant inflation.

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