Hundreds ‘Stabbed with Needles’ at Nightclubs and Concerts

More than 300 people have now come forward to say they have been stabbed with injections on nights out in France.

Nobody knows why it is happening or whether people have been injected with anything in nightclubs and bars.

People from Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes, and other cities around France have reported being pricked with a needle without their knowledge or permission.

The latest needle attacks comes after a spate of ‘needle spiking’ reported in the UK.

Tomas Laux, 18, was jabbed at a rap concert in Lille on may 4. He was left feelign dizzy, had a headache and found a strange puncture mark and bruise on his arm.

He went to hospital the following day and had to undergo HIV and hepatitis tests.

He said: ‘I’ve given up going to concerts since it happened.’

Hundreds of miles away, Leanne Desnos, 18, was jabbed at a club in Bordeaux in April.

She fainted the following day, also felt dizzy and spotted markings on her arm. She saw other people discussing needle spiking on social media and is now waiting for results of medical tests.

Most of the 302 victims have been women and multiple investigations are taking place across the country.

The problem has become so widespread that rapper Dinos interrupted his concert to say ‘this has to stop’ and told people to be vigilant.

None of the victims have reported sexual assault, but one was robbed in Grenoble.

Two people have tested for GHB which is more likely to have been in their drinks because it takes several seconds.

Dr Emmanuel Puskarczyk said: ‘We didn’t find any drugs or substances or objective proof which attest to … administration of a substance with wrongful or criminal intent. What we fear the most is people contracting HIV, hepatitis or any infectious disease.’

In the Nancy hospital, a special procedure has been created for needle spiking cases. Patients who show symptoms like grogginess are treated, and blood and urine samples are kept for five days in case any want to press charges.

Dr Puskarczyk said: ‘Each case is different. We see injection marks, but some people don’t have symptoms. When potential victims have symptoms like discomfort or black holes (in their memory), they are not specific.

‘At this stage, we can’t talk about a specific modus operandi. There aren’t any similarities between the cases. The only thing similar is that people are being injected with a needle in a festive context in different places in France.’

Similar incidents involving people pricked with needles at nightclubs, a football match and during the Belgian Pride parade have been reported in neighbouring Belgium.

Organizers of the march said in a statement they were informed of several cases and urged potential victims to get checked at hospitals.

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