Fisherman Chokes on Fish After It Leaps Out of Water and Down His Throat

A fisherman nearly choked to death after a fish leapt out of the water and straight down his throat.

The spiky freshwater anabas fish lodged itself between the unlucky angler’s throat and nasal cavity as it tried to escape through his nose.

However, due to its spikes it was causing significant damage to his insides and when it was finally removed it was drenched in the man’s blood.

Doctors were left baffled at the Phatthalung Provincial Hospital in Thailand when the fisherman rushed in telling them a fish leapt into his mouth on May 22.

The team carried out an x-ray and found the five-inch long spiky fish inside of him.

The team of medics, two doctors assisted by three nurses, successfully removed the 5inch-long fish during a one-hour operation.

Hospital officer Sermsri Pathompanichrat said: “Our doctors worked hard to minimise the damage on our patient’s organs. They have successfully saved the patient.”

The fish was eventually pulled from the fisherman’s mouth as it was trying to wriggle out his nose by passing through his throat.

When it was removed it was covered in the man’s blood where it had cut and sliced up his insides.

The unidentified patient told doctors that he had been spike-fishing with a harpoon underwater just before the bizarre incident.

He came up for air at the exact same time the anabas jumped out of the water and went straight into his mouth and down his throat.

It was stuck there and tried to escape as onlookers saw him appearing to gasp for air as he clutched his throat.

The fisherman was treated and is now in stable condition and recovering at the hospital from his operation wounds.

Hospital officer Sermsri Pathompanichrat added: “The chances of this happening are very low. I have never seen this kind of case before.”

Anabas fish are freshwater carnivorous fish that feed on insects and larvae.

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