Shooting at High School Graduation in Alabama

Gunfire rang out on Xavier University’s campus just before noon on Tuesday.

New Orleans Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Christopher Goodly says two males received non life-threatening gunshot wounds and an elderly woman was fatally struck by the gunfire. He says the shooting resulted from an argument between two women in a campus parking lot.

“Our investigators have located some weapons that were on the scene, as well as a few individuals who are detained at this point,” said Chief Deputy Goodly.

It happened outside Xavier University’s Convocation Center where a Morris Jeff Community School graduation ceremony was taking place.

“This did not have to happen,” said Goodly. “We had a good amount of security here – interior coverage and exterior coverage. Xavier Police were on the scene along with Second District Police.”

“It looked like a lot of policemen just showed up, and kids were running to their cars, and then kids were also running in the parking lot and helping someone as well,” A witness tells WWL First News.

This latest shooting comes after several people were shot outside a Hammond High School Graduation at Southeastern University earlier this month.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards released a statement after the fatal shooting urging lawmakers to pass gun safety legislation:

“For the second time this graduation season in Louisiana, gun violence has marred what should be an exciting day of celebration for high school graduates, their families and teachers. I hope all Louisianans will join me in prayer for the victims of these pointless acts of violence.

“Those who perpetuate these senseless acts of violence will be brought to justice. We must do more to keep our communities safe, and this means we must do more to ensure that those who pose an unacceptable risk of harm to others aren’t able to acquire or keep firearms.

“In light of recent gun violence in Buffalo and Uvalde, gun safety discussions and action involving expanded background checks and red flag laws are very much in order.”

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  1. Get ready for the left wing commiecrat tyrants to use this as another excuse to prevent law abiding citizens to have weapons to defend themselves with.

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