Soldiers ‘Killed 13ft Monster from Biblical Times’ According to YouTuber

A 13-foot “monster” with red hair and hands with six fingers, whose home was in the Afghanistan mountains, was allegedly “killed up and covered up by the US government”.

That is according to a witness who claimed to have seen the killing in a YouTube interview, which has since been deleted.

The military contractor claimed to have been present during the brutal slaughter of a killer he called the Kandahar Giant in an interview with YouTuber LA Marzulli, The Daily Star reports..

Marzulli speaks to the man claiming to be a soldier, who said he witnessed the “Giant of Kandahar”, on his YouTube channel, which is dedicated to linking current events to Biblical prophecies.

Mr. K claimed he saw the giant carrying a spear and murdering a United States soldier named ‘Dan’ before he and the other “special forces” took it down.

None of the events have been substantiated.

He said the killing of the giant took place during the height of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002, when the military was engaged in tough battles with the Taliban in their de facto capital in Kandahar Province during the US invasion of Afghanistan.

It even killed one of the Special Forces soldiers with a spear before the rest of the unit brought it down with 30 seconds of sustained gunfire.

According to Marzulli, the creature was a Nephilim – a group of people mentioned in the Genesis and Numbers books of the Old Testament – who were believed to be “people of unusually large size and strength” that could be found in the Middle East both before and after “The Flood” of Noah’s Ark fame.

But Biblical scholars largely agree that the Nephilim tales were metaphors and not based on the reality of a 13-foot giant living in the desert.

Furthermore, the only “Dan” that died in Kandahar around the time of the alleged incident in 2002 was Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Romero, who was killed in a bomb blast alongside three other soldiers.

Yet even with the evidence stacked against it, the myth of the Kandahar Giant is still said to be an “open secret” among soldiers who served in Kandahar in 2002.

Army officers have recalled stories of entire troops disappearing in the mountains of Afghanistan in the early 2000s.

Their gear was located in a strange cave with no soldiers nearby.

Then, as the legend has it, the army put the dead giant in a chinook helicopter, flew away with him, and he was never seen again.

Not only that, but the story itself was squashed as the soldiers were all required to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

The popular myth debunking website, Snopes , reached out to the Department of Defense about the “Kandahar Giant incident”.

The Department of Defense said they had “no record or information about a special forces member killed by a giant in Kandahar.”

At approximately the same time that the Snopes article came out that discredited the story, the self-proclaimed supernaturalist L.A Marzulli told multiple right-wing websites that the United States government was covering up the story.

It said those in power had a “vested interest” in keeping the truth of Biblical prophecies from being exposed to the general public.

He said: “People have a right to know about this stuff.

“If there are fifteen or eighteen footers roaming the Earth and our military has brought them down, we have a right as American citizens to know about it.”

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