Pizza Delivery Man Saves Kidnapped Woman After She Mouths ‘Help Me’ From Customer’s House

Joey Grundl worked as a pizza delivery driver for a Domino’s location in Waldo, Wisconsin. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a simple delivery would lead to him being hailed as a hero.

Joey showed up to deliver a pizza to a customer’s house. A middle-aged man answered the door, and Joey handed him the pizza — but something caught his attention before he left.

Standing behind the man was a frightened woman who was trying to get Joey’s attention. Joey saw her point to her right eye — and he quickly noticed it was black and bruised.

Then the woman silently mouthed the words “Help me” so the man in front of her couldn’t hear.

Moments later, she mouthed the words, “Call the police.”

Seconds after Joey left the house and got back into his car, he called 911.

After authorities arrived, they uncovered the horrific scene that had unfolded earlier that day — inside what’s now being called a “house of horror.”

Watch the video to see why Joey the pizza delivery man is being credited for helping to save this poor woman’s life.

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