Jamie Foxx Criticizes “So-Called Christians”

The Texas native took to Instagram on Thursday in a fiery post condemning a society that would let “children die over and over again.”

Jamie Foxx criticized lawmakers over their lack of legislative action after shootings like the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week.

In an emotional message posted to Instagram on Thursday, the actor — who is from Terrell, Texas — shared his condolences to the families of the 19 students and two teachers who were shot and killed after a gunman entered Robb Elementary on May 24.

But Foxx also had harsh words for lawmakers and “so-called Christians,” who he charges have failed to make changes to laws that would prevent a mass shooting event like the one that took place on Tuesday.

“Little angels my heart goes out to ur families,” he began. “Never thought I would live in A society a ‘Christian Society’ where they would let little children die over and over again and still not change any laws.”

The Oscar-winning performer continued in the caption of his post, writing, “If the people in this country are leaders and so-called Christians… if they are going to heaven… I’LL PASS!!!!! #thedevilisbusy.”

Foxx’s message accompanied a photo collage of 16 of the 19 children who were killed in what has been considered the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.

Foxx’s statements were proceeded earlier this week by fellow actor and Texan Matthew McConaughey, who is himself from Uvalde. In his own statement posted to Instagram, the actor described America’s mass shooting epidemic as “an epidemic we can control, and whichever side of the aisle we may stand on, we all know we can do better.”

“Once again, we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us,” he said. “What small sacrifices can we individually take today, to preserve a healthier and safer nation, state and neighborhood tomorrow?’ We cannot exhale once again, make excuses, and accept these tragic realities as the status quo.”

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  1. The false flag (an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party) at Uvalde High School, IS A LIE. says:

    The false flag (an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party) at Uvalde High School, IS A LIE.
    First, they stated the shooter was outside shooting at a funeral home for 12 minutes, before walking into the school. Then they stated he was engaged by 2 Police Officers outside, where he fired on them and then went inside. It turned out that was a lie. Then they said he walked in the school door and was fired on by the School Resource Officer. It turns out that was a lie. Then it was said he didn’t meet that Officer, because the Officer ran the other way as he only had a taser. Somehow a side door which is always locked was unlocked. Then they stated he started firing as soon as he walked inside. Then they changed their story to say he didn’t fire at all for the first 57 minutes he was there, instead barricading himself inside a single classroom, where he harmed nobody. Then they stated Police stacked outside of the room and tried to breach, causing him to shoot everyone in the room. It took them so long to breach the door, the shooter killed 21 people. Really?
    Then it seems Officers who were preventing Parents from running into the school, ran into the school themselves to pull their own children out to safety, and leaving every other child and teacher there. The whole time, they made no attempt to search for the shooter or try to stop him. They tackled and tased a Father who wanted to go in, treating him like a criminal. A Mother drove 30 miles to the school to try to reach her kids. When she was screaming for the Police to move in, they arrested her, placing her in handcuffs. After 30 minutes, she was uncuffed, where she jumped the Police line, ran into the school unarmed, found her kids, and ran out with them. Now, we’re supposed to believe that a Border Patrol Tactical Team finally went in, while entire SWAT Teams from San Antonio and Texas DPS were standing around outside. They have done nothing but lie from the beginning and demonizing the Parents. They said the shooter shot his Grandmother in the face and stole her old truck.
    Then he had an accident near the school and walked with one of his two AR-15s made by Daniel Defense, which retail at a minimum of $1800. They stated the 2nd rifle was found locked in the trunk. The last I checked; an old truck doesn’t have a trunk. By the way, it turns out the shooter and his family are Illegals and allowed to stay here and attend school based on an old Obama program. How does an Illegal obtain AR-15s? Furthermore, how does an Illegal who just turned 18, buy, much less afford two $1800 rifles while working a minimum wage job he just started a few months ago? Nothing they’re saying makes any sense.
    The reason none of this makes any sense is BECAUSE THE WHOLE EVENT IS A LIE.
    A LIE to try to justify gun confiscation.
    And Jamie Fox is a LIAR.

  2. No law would or could have stopped this tragedy! But law enforcement standing down and watching should have taken him out!

  3. Jamie Foxx, this country turned their backs on God when they took Him out of schools. This country may have a few godly leaders but it is far from a Christian country. Satan is running the government, the media, activists like you, entertainment and the school system. You want to know why shootings like this are happening because idiots like yourself are allowing Satan to run your lives, your mouths, your actions, your beliefs. Sit down and shut up!!!! You know nothing about what you are saying!!!! Don’t you dare put this on Christians! You are a despicable person!!!!! I pray you change your ways before you die or you WILL find out just how stupid and ignorant you are.

  4. The whole thing smells bad. Reminds me of Columbine. I guess, based on past cases, the whole thing will take some to to explain and the explanation will not make any sense. I will not believe that trained officers would not act on their personal concerns and get in there. The idea that these guys were waiting on support suggests that the people in control of that “backup” either wanted the killing to go on for political reasons or wanted the glory of getting the guy. His being there with a $1800 AR at all makes no sense.

  5. Guns don’t shoot themselves, crazies and criminals shoot the guns at other than lawful targets. Find more crazies and criminals, and after due process, lock them up until they’re no longer crazy, or until they’re dead. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens that are not pacifists should if they wish be armed to the teeth, 24/7, everywhere (or as nearly everywhere as possible) and if volunteering and trained, be deputized by the MILLIONS, and schools should have real security, and cops shouldn’t just wait for all the shooting to stop before they go in.

    To go deeper, you need parents (both, if alive!) that are INVOLVED and that TEACH RIGHT FROM WRONG. Without that, you’ve just got a monster breeding program going on. You also need to eradicate leftism, because it wants chaos for the sake of more power for itself, and treats criminals as one of its preferred constituencies.

  6. Foxx is just another left wing Hollywood turd. He knows most Christians are conservatives on the right. This is just another attack by the left against us.

  7. Christians don’t kill children. Criminals do. I really dislike what you said. I’m insulted that you’d think something like this.

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