‘Stillborn’ Baby Starts CRYING During Her OWN Funeral

A BABY declared dead by doctors reportedly started crying during her own funeral after being buried by her grieving family.

Two members of staff at the Sub District Hospital in Banihal, India, have been suspended after the tot was found to be alive – despite being pronounced stillborn just hours before.

The baby girl was born to Shamemma Begum on Monday but was straight away declared dead by medics.

Just two hours after, the tot was buried in a graveyard in the nearby village Hollan.

But locals staged a protest as they demanded the youngster should instead be laid to rest in her ancestral burial site, reports NDTV.

The family felt compelled an hour later to dig up the baby – and were shocked to find her “alive and crying”, according to Greater Kashmir.Two members of staff at the hospital have been suspended while authorities investigate.

Banihal Block Medical Officer (BMO) Dr Rabia Khan said: “We have already placed a junior staff nurse and sweeper working in the gynaecology section under suspension with immediate effect, pending an inquiry.”

Local sarpanch Manzoor Alyas Wani alleged the youngster had been declared dead without proper medical attention before being buried, NDTV reports.

Wani said the baby was rushed back to hospital after being discovered alive.

He said: “After initial treatment, she was referred to Srinagar for specialised treatment by the doctors.”

It comes after a woman presumed dead was rushed to hospital after knocking on her coffin at her own funeral in front of stunned mourners.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca had been mistakenly pronounced dead after a crash in Lambayeque, Peru, which also killed her brother-in-law.

She was put into a coffin for her funeral – but she interrupted the service after shocked family members heard a noise coming from her casket.

Meanwhile, a pensioner who was pronounced dead turned out to be alive just as his body was about to be taken to a crematorium.

Footage emerged on Chinese social media showing the moment baffled workers unzipped a body bag after staff noticed movement as it was put in a hearse.

The clip shows officials in protective gear hauling a yellow body bag from the hearse.

They can be heard telling staff to open it and one person says: “You come here and see if he’s dead? He is still breathing! Didn’t you see he’s moving?”

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