Whoopi Goldberg Calls House Republicans ‘Domestic Terrorists’

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg called House Republicans “domestic terrorists” Thursday after the majority voted against legislation to combat domestic terrorism.

The House passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act in a 222-203 Wednesday floor vote to create domestic terrorism offices across three federal agencies in the aftermath of the Buffalo supermarket shooting, The Washington Post reported. All House Republicans except Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger voted against the bill.

“The View” then played footage of Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan saying the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee called antifa is a “myth” and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz warning that “mainstream Christianity” may come under attack.

“What an idiot,” co-host Joy Behar said, referencing Jordan.

“When did Washington really get to be a place where stopping domestic terrorism is divisive?” Goldberg asked.

“I guess when they’re part of the problem,” Behar responded.

“When the domestic terrorists are voting on the bill,” Goldberg added.

Co-host Sara Haines said Republicans do not want “any reasonable gun control” or censorship against Big Tech companies and therefore vote against a bill which she said will allow government agencies to have the ability to flag potentially dangerous individuals.

“To vote against this when in 2020, three Republicans co-sponsored a bill that was unanimously, that means everyone passed it,” Haines said. “What changed in two years? It was people putting party over the actual people of the country. That was their bill. There’s nothing else that distinguishes it, I just don’t understand how we couldn’t unite on domestic terrorism.”

A previous version of the legislation passed the House unanimously in September 2020, the Post reported. Democratic Illinois Rep. Bradley Schneider, who pushed for the vote, said Republicans supported the exact measure just two years ago.

“This bill passed the House on voice vote two years ago — broad support from Republicans and Democrats,” said Schneider, who introduced the measure. “It’s the people who supported it two years ago who have for some reason changed their minds and are not supporting it today. What I’m saying to them is, the longer we wait in getting the resources and tools to the FBI, DOJ and DHS, the more likely we are to have more events like in Buffalo.”

The bill, if passed in the Senate, will establish terrorism offices in the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and FBI, calling for the three agencies to submit a report twice a year focused on the threat of white supremacy and neo-Nazis, the Post reported.

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  1. Uh huh, what do you call BLM and Antifa. Your 0eople were out continuing destroying Chicago not one time but multiple times and Portland is still as a disaster along with LA and SF. We need to drag your butts to these locations and see how safe you feel when these things are going on. You Hollywood people are nothing but bumbling idiots so far temoved from reality!

  2. You can’t expect people this uneducated to respond with any comprehension of almost anything except how to express that stupidity with arrogance in front of an audience that obviously has nothing else to do, nowhere to be, and even less knowledge than the idiots they’re applauding.

  3. Please, please, please, stop giving the woman a platform. She is doing a great harm to America and too many in the media and her enablers.

  4. They did their best to domesticate your Baboon ass but you must’ve heard confiscate and took cover. 🤔

  5. The wannabes on the “View” should be seen and not heard. Whoopie especially.

  6. I say screw her but not even if she was the last woman on earth would I do that. What an idiot. We all made her rich and now she says crew you people.

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