Man Receives World’s First Double Arm Transplant – Able to Hug Grandkids for the First Time

A man who had the world’s first full double arm transplant 16 months ago is already working out at the gym and hugging his grandchildren.

Felix Gretarsson, 49, had his arms amputated after he was electrocuted at work in 1998.

After a long search, he found surgeon Jean-Michel Dubernard and convinced him to perform a first-ever double arm and shoulder transplant in January 2021.

The dad of two has shocked surgeons with his incredible progress, and is now able to drive with his hands, brush his teeth, walk and throw balls for his dog.

A video even shows the moment Felix got to hug his daughter Dilja, 24, for the first time since she was three months old, and her children too.

He said: “After watching them as little babies crying and being unable to hold them it was indescribable.

“The arms down to the wrists feel well attached and I can feel them, every part of the hand, but it is still not perfect.

“Just this morning I was putting my hand out the window and feeling the wind on my hand, it was very weird.”

Icelandic Felix, who moved to Lyon in 2013 in hope of getting the op, shows off his new skills in videos, including cleaning his patio with a pressure hose.

He said: “I have achieved something that wasn’t supposed to be possible if I wouldn’t have pushed it and pushed it.

“If I hadn’t lost my arms I wouldn’t be living in France with my wife [Sylwia] today.

“So many good things you can take from this – this is what has kept me going. There’s always a silver lining.”

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