Grandfather Attacked by Swarm of Thousands of Bees in Texas

A grandfather died after being stung by thousands of bees while at work.

The landscape lighting technician accidentally encountered the massive hive while he was stuck suspended from a tree.

The man, Franco Galvan Martinez, had been doing work at an Austin, Texas home on Thursday when the incident occurred, according to local media outlet WKRN who first reported the story.

Somehow the 53-year-old had lost control of the ladder he had been using to get up to the tree he was working on.

While he was suspended from the tree he accidentally triggered the bees from the hive.

“I guess in [a] panic trying to swat away the bees from himself, he kicked away the ladder,” pastor and family friend Joe Maldonado told WKRN.

Still unable to access his ladder and remaining suspended from the tree, the thousands of bees flowed out of the hive and onto Martinez.

Maldonado told WKRN that there were so many bees, that the insects were instantly able to cover Martinez.

During rescue efforts, Martinez’s fellow employees also caught the bees’ wrath and were stung themselves.

The painful bee attack reportedly lasted for 10 minutes.

Finally firefighters arrived to the scene and trained their hose on the insects, but Martinez did not survive.

City inspectors are investigating the case.

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