Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Girlfriend’ Drama

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his long-rumored ‘girlfriend’ Maria Ryan were spotted leaving his New York City home Wednesday. 

Giuliani, 76, was seen stepping out with his alleged former mistress, 56, while wearing a white shirt, a tie and formal pants –  while Ryan wore a stylish pink blouse, black pants and fashionable shades. 

Ryan got into the driver’s side of the vehicle and Giuliani hopped into the passenger’s seat as the doorman loaded luggage into their car. 

The pair drove towards Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive and left the city. Ryan, who stepped down as CEO of a New Hampshire hospital in December, has reportedly been dating Giuliani since 2018. 

Ryan is believed to have three children. The pair have made joint appearances on Giuliani’s ‘Common Sense’ podcast and ‘Uncovering the true’ radio show. 

Giuliani has previously denied allegations he had an affair with Ryan while he was still married to his third wife Judy Giuliani. 

Ryan was named as Giuliani’s alleged mistress in court documents filed back in 2018 amid his divorce from Judy. 

‘We’d be crazy with her [Ryan] married and her husband and a friend of mine – we’d be crazy to do stuff like that,’ Giuliani told in 2018. 

Giuliani denied there was any proof of an affair despite being spotted spending the night together at an upstate New York hotel.

The pair were pictured attending a White House dinner hosted by President Trump in 2019. 

Giuliani referred to Ryan as an ‘associate’ earlier this year when he admitted to billing Trump $20,000 per day to dispute the election results – despite previously denying demanding money for his legal services. 

In October 2020, he interviewed Ryan on his radio. They touted the benefits of controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure to COVID-19. 

In the radio interview they claimed hydroxychloroquine was safe and effective to fight COVID-19 after Trump said he took the drug as a preventative measure against the virus – against expert research. 

‘We spent some time looking at all the studies available, and there’s many available … there’s a pretty good study from France but also studies in Italy, Turkey and China, a very comprehensive study from Brazil that I liked … and they concluded that hydroxychloroquine, or as its referred to in the laboratory that HCQ, that HCQ is over 90 percent effective,’ Ryan said at the time.

Giuliani told the New York Times in January that his associate – who he named as Maria Ryan – had sent an email to at least three Trump campaign officials in November demanding payment. 

Their sighting together on Wednesday comes weeks after the FBI executed a search warrant on Giuliani’s Manhattan home as part of an investigation into his dealings in Ukraine. 

Giuliani, who is the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and former mayor of NYC, slammed the 6am raid as ‘illegal’ and ‘unconstitutional’. 

He has sought to discredit the federal investigation, saying the raid – which he said involved seven FBI agents – was unnecessary because he offered for two years to provide prosecutors his electronic devices and to ‘talk it over with them’.

‘They won’t explain to me what they’re looking into for two years,’ Giuliani told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.  

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  1. The govment not govern meant but the Noctys of the KLAN need removal and reorganization. The NY ones are as bad if not worse than the federal ones

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