Fast Food Manager Arrested for Peeing in Milkshakes

A 29-year-old man arrested on child pornography charges is believed to have urinated in some milkshake mix when he was a night manager at Arby’s.

In a statement, the Vancouver Police Department said the Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit opened an investigation into Stephen Sharp for allegedly “possessing and dealing in dozens of photos and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children.” Some imagery was allegedly downloaded near the Arby’s at 221 NE 104th Ave.

According to Vancouver Police, on May 10, Sharp confessed to downloading and distributing child pornography. He also reportedly revealed he has a “sexual interest in children.” Police executed a search warrant on Sharp’s devices, and a detective from the Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit reportedly found a video of Sharp “urinating in a container confirmed to be a milkshake from Arby’s.”

The statement reads, “Stephen Sharp confessed to detectives he urinated on at least two occasions into the milkshake mixture for sexual gratification.”

Now, Vancouver Police are seeking any customers who may have purchased a milkshake at the Arby’s on NE 104th Avenue on Oct. 30 and Oct. 31. The Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit has reportedly determined that neither Arby’s nor its franchisees “were aware of the abhorrent actions of Stephen Sharp.”

According to court documents cited by The Columbian, Arby’s sold 30 to 40 milkshakes on Oct. 30, the day he recorded the video. Sharp reportedly told police he thought he threw the mixture bag away on both occasions, but if not, the mix would be used on the next shift.

Sharp was booked into the Clark County Jail on four counts of possession of depictions of minor exchanged in sexually explicit conduct, four counts of dealing depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and second-degree assault.

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