Massive Snake Spotted on a Beach in Viral Video

A massive snake was spotted on a beach in Florida.

In an Instagram video released by Only in Dade, a huge snake was slithering around a beach in the sunny weather before someone eventually snatched it up.

Give the video a watch below, but be warned it might make you not want to visit a beach for a long time!

So, not only can we not going into the water because sharks are in the deep abyss of the ocean waiting to terrorize us, but now we’re at risk on the beach.

We can’t even visit the beach anymore without serious issues potentially unfolding. I wouldn’t say we’re doing well in the war against nature.

If I see a snake that size coming my direction, I’m reaching for the closest weapon, and we’re going to have ourselves a day. If that means I have to dump an entire AR magazine into the sand, so be it.

If you think I’m going to die because of nature, you have another thing coming!

Let us know what you think about snakes roaming the beaches of America in the comments below.

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